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Zal is the cofounder of Lucep and looks after the sales and marketing in the company. His whole career has been wrapped up in startups and he lives to make the next deal.

Digital Transformation in Government Best Practices

In this post, we're going to condense our experience as a provider of digital transformation software and solutions for some of the largest government agencies and financial institutions in the world. If you want to move a massive government organization from paper and physical branches to digital services, what is it you should know? What [...]

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Bank Branch Location – Decision Support Model After Digital Transformation

As a digital transformation enabler, Lucep eliminates the need for banks to maintain large branches with huge square footage set aside for waiting customers. Customers arrive just in time for their scheduled appointment, and get the services they require without having to wait in line. This is one of our key selling points - [...]

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WordPress plugins for marketers

I spend a significant amount of time every day using Wordpress. The biggest advantage is that there are plugins for everything - over 55,100 of them as of date. You don't have to worry about whether a tool, software or script you need will work with your Wordpress site. It works,  because every web application [...]

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Top 25 Self-service Kiosk Manufacturers and Management Systems

As part of the scope of work with clients, Lucep works with self-service kiosk manufacturers to make use of their APIs and integrate their machines and software with ours including client's existing legacy and digital signage systems that are already in place. We have a huge amount of data about the major kiosk manufacturers [...]

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How to Write Electronic Direct Mailers

Lucep has recently added some exciting new features, as a result of which we're doing some experimentation with EDM campaigns. In this post, I'm going to share this experience on how to write electronic direct mailers that will give you an instant response by email, via social media, or even on the phone. There [...]

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Automotive Technology Incubators and Accelerators by Big Auto

This is a list of Big Auto-supported incubators and accelerators that are championing innovation and working with startups on everything from connected mobility to autonomous vehicles and smart city solutions. Before we get to the list, a bit of the backstory that explains why Lucep is writing about cars and automotive technology. Lucep was [...]

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How to Reduce Government Spending Without Spending More

The $4.1 trillion United States Federal Budget for this fiscal year includes $54 billion in cuts to federal agency spending, including a 13% cut in discretionary funding for the Department of Transportation. It's going to impact customer service at over-burdened organizations such as the DMV and TSA, that don't have enough resources to handle their [...]

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Case Study – Government customer experience improvement

The client is a government body for vehicular and immovable property registration. With a responsibility to provide a standardized customer experience to all citizens, and reduce wait times to the bare minimum whilst also future-proofing their investments, the organization was looking for a solution that would be quick and scalable to deploy. The Challenge - [...]

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Government Transparency Through Customer Identification

There's a river of applicants, business partners, employees and citizens flowing in and out of government buildings all day long. At the end of the day, how do you actually know whether anything got done? More importantly, do the people know that this particular branch of government is efficient? Is it doing better than other [...]

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Customer-Centric Business Transformation from ATMs to Omnichannel Banking

There's a huge amount of interest in the disruption caused by the need for branch transformation in the banking industry. Branches are closing down by the thousands, and banks are rushing to save them by making the branch a helpful touchpoint along the customer journey. But there's one element of physical and branch banking that [...]

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