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Zal is the cofounder of Lucep and looks after the sales and marketing in the company. His whole career has been wrapped up in startups and he lives to make the next deal.

Future-proofing the definition of digital transformation in Insurance

Our business is providing smart lead distribution and sales acceleration for insurance companies, so we’re knee-deep in the digital transformation initiatives our clients undertake. A lot of them have initially looked at it as an IT upgrade, until we demonstrate the benefits of customer-centric business transformation. The challenge for us, as a customer advocate, is [...]

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PolicyBazaar app innovation highlights digital transformation

This is a video of one of the presentations at this year’s Global Livefest - the virtual insurtech conference organized and hosted by The Digital Insurer (Hugh Terry). In this video, you will see Ashish Gupta, CTO, PolicyBazaar talk about a new feature in the PolicyBazaar app that has eliminated the need for physical inspections [...]

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Top 25 insurance and insurtech influencers

The future of insurance is insurtech. This is the title of an in-depth Bain research publication authored by Matteo Carbone, Founder, Connected Insurance Observatory. In a report, PwC Business Development Leader Mike Quindazzi likewise notes that “#InsurTech startups become insurers faster than #insurers can become #InsurTechs.”   The ideas and trends we bumped into while [...]

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7 gamification strategies used by high-performing sales teams

Healthy competition among your sales force is a great way to incentivize performance and reward success. Companies of all sizes from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises use Lucep to motivate their sales teams. In this blog, we’ve included seven gamification strategies used by high-performing sales teams. Based on our experience, and that of our [...]

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10 Enterprise Sales Tips from Sales Coaches

Lucep drives enterprise sales and customer engagement for the world's largest companies in financial services, healthcare and some who are in the business of government. Our sales team members are expected to converse intelligently with the departmental heads of these corporations. To get that kind of learning, we turn to sales coaches who are reputed [...]

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16 Customer Experience Quotes to Live By

As a company engaged in the business of helping businesses talk with and listen to your customers on digital channels, we need to understand the customer experience of clients before we bring the technology into it. Two very important things we do that vastly improves the customer experience: 1. Digital transformation must be customer-centric. 2. [...]

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Why use CRM systems? Hidden benefits of CRM digital transformation

We try to pitch Lucep as a sales platform that complements your CRM, but the objections we face from small businesses are quite often the opposite. More along the lines of "We already have a CRM and we're not getting any additional revenue or benefits from it." Lucep digital transformation case study So we try [...]

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What is CRM, and What is a CRM?

There's a popular misconception that CRM is a system or software that does something. Actually, customer relationship management is a business process. You are already managing your customer relationships one-on-one or as a team that handles customer interactions and responses. CRM (the software) simply automates this process. So let's simplify this in the most basic [...]

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6 Ways to Improve Customer Experience Using Data

We keep our customer engagement fairly simple. You have to know who your customers are and what is their requirement, and then fulfill it as quickly and conveniently as possible. This is what Lucep also does for our clients - we collect your customer's data (name, contact, requirement) on any digital channel, and connect you [...]

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Fintech Innovation Labs in Singapore

One of the highlights of the Singapore Fintech Festival is the Innovation Lab Crawl (Nov 15-16), where fintech innovation labs in Singapore will open up their doors for visitors. It's a great opportunity to get to know the fintech startup ecosystem in Singapore, and network with startups and the key executives of some of the [...]

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