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Zal is the cofounder of Lucep and looks after the sales and marketing in the company. His whole career has been wrapped up in startups and he lives to make the next deal.

Automotive marketing solution for 200% lift in test drives

The Mint newspaper's print edition recently included a feature about Lucep. It showcased the fact that when the business starts handling digital leads at a fast pace, it results in quantum gains in sales or leads closure rates. In this case study, you will find more details about our automotive marketing solution that helped deliver [...]

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Conversational AI for Banking Talk – HDFC Bank’s chatbot has interacted with 16 million customers

There's a lot of talk and hype about technologies such as AI, blockchain and IoT being leveraged in banking, insurance and financial services. But how many banks or insurers are actually going beyond the hype and marketing to implement these as a core part of their business processes? We got in touch with HDFC Bank [...]

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Patrick Kelahan on AI, Insurance digital marketing and Insurtechs

Patrick Kelahan is a CX, engineering and insurance professional,who has been a part of the insurance industry in various capacities for around three decades. The bulk of this was at Allstate, as a Claim Service Leader for more than 18 years. Patrick is currently a building consultant for H2M architects + engineers, where he does [...]

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Talking insurtech startups, technology and investments with Kobi Bendelak

Kobi Bendelak is the CEO of Insurtech Israel, an early-stage investment fund that provides funding for insurtech startups. He is also a mentor working with startups through Startupbootcamp. Kobi has been a part of the insurance industry for 22 years. Before Insurtech Israel, he was the founder and CEO of Reshef Insurance Brokers, subsequently part [...]

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Interview with Rob Galbraith – The End of Insurance As We Know It

Rob Galbraith, CPCU, CLU, ChFC is an author, keynote speaker and a globally known insurtech thought leader who has been part of the financial services industry for over 20 years. His new book “The End of Insurance As We Know It” has just hit the bookstores and has already climbed to the top of the [...]

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Lucep, SDGs and the NTT Data Open Innovation Contest

Lucep recently won yet another award as the regional winner of the NTT Data Open Innovation Contest in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I want to share with you what this innovation challenge is all about, and what makes this win so special for us. NTT Data, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a global IT [...]

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Future-proofing the definition of digital transformation in Insurance

Our business is providing smart lead distribution and sales acceleration for insurance companies, so we’re knee-deep in the digital transformation initiatives our clients undertake. A lot of them have initially looked at it as an IT upgrade, until we demonstrate the benefits of customer-centric business transformation. The challenge for us, as a customer advocate, is [...]

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PolicyBazaar app innovation highlights digital transformation

This is a video of one of the presentations at this year’s Global Livefest - the virtual insurtech conference organized and hosted by The Digital Insurer (Hugh Terry). In this video, you will see Ashish Gupta, CTO, PolicyBazaar talk about a new feature in the PolicyBazaar app that has eliminated the need for physical inspections [...]

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Top 25 insurance and insurtech influencers

The future of insurance is insurtech. This is the title of an in-depth Bain research publication authored by Matteo Carbone, Founder, Connected Insurance Observatory. In a report, PwC Business Development Leader Mike Quindazzi likewise notes that “#InsurTech startups become insurers faster than #insurers can become #InsurTechs.”   The ideas and trends we bumped into while [...]

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7 gamification strategies used by high-performing sales teams

Healthy competition among your sales force is a great way to incentivize performance and reward success. Companies of all sizes from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises use Lucep to motivate their sales teams. In this blog, we’ve included seven gamification strategies used by high-performing sales teams. Based on our experience, and that of our [...]

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