Tools to Track Sales Team Performance

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Tools to Track Sales Team Performance

According to a recent Knowledge Tree study that tracked sales team performance, reps who received at least three hours of training per month exceeded their targets by 7%, increased revenue by 25%, and raised the close rate by a stunning 70%.

The benefits of providing ongoing coaching to your reps is now widely accepted, but another study by the Sales Management Association (see chart below) still shows that a lot of businesses aren’t that concerned about coaching their sales representatives.

Tools to Track sales performance

The fact that 2 out of 3 sales representatives don’t hit their targets for the month, but those coached go above and beyond their sales targets, highlights how important it is to track sales team performance and provide the required help to reps who are not achieving their target.

This is only possible when you know the important sales metrics and KPIs that will tell you which areas in your sales process and team need tweaking. A list of such KPIs includes time spent selling, cost of sales to revenue ratio, average deal size, marketing collateral usage, lead response time, etc.

The easy way to get all this data in simple reports is to use sales performance tracking tools, such as those listed below.


When it comes to fast lead response, every minute matters. Lucep is an AI-driven tool that gives your sales team a competitive edge through the dual combination of real time analytics and a website callback feature on your side.

Lucep, an instant response callback tool, makes it easy for your website visitors to get an instant callback from a member of your sales team. try lucep . Talk to your customers now.


Using the Lucep app and widget, you can now easily track leads from where they enter your website to where they raised the query, what kind of response they get from sales, and what was the final outcome.

Also, Lucep’s traffic analytics plus the ability to integrate with CRMs and other sales tools gives you the data and information needed to keep sales team performance at its peak.


Software that helps sales teams close deals faster is what every sales manager wants, and Sales Cloud by Salesforce does just that.

With a long list of features ranging from contact management to sales forecasting and email integration, Sales Cloud handles all your sales team issues about how to sell smarter.

sales team performance

Managing sales performance becomes very easy with Sales Cloud. Through better coaching and team alignment, and by constantly motivating the sales team, you can maintain consistency and start closing more deals. Support for these three points, through reports and process flow, are key features of this tool.

Additional features include gamification through rewards such as gift cards. This feature allows you to create promotions on the fly and drive better performance on every call, and for every deal.


Pipedrive is a sales CRM tool for “small teams with big ambitions.” This sales management tool helps you take control of your sales process by tracking and converting your pipeline customers. It makes the whole process transparent and enables you to focus on the activities that result in more deals being closed faster.

pipedrive sales management tool

Their tagline of “Organized teams close more deals” highlights how important it is to manage and track the performance of your sales team.

Pipedrive’s intuitive UI makes it a great tool not just for sales, but also for anybody who wants to be more organized and close more deals in less time.


By providing a complete CRM solution for managing organization wide Sales and Marketing, Zoho enables you to solve many issues related to managing and tracking your sales team performance.

zoho crm sales team performance

With Zoho, the KPIs that you feed into your system to track the performance of your team can be customized or put into pre-built templates for better management. This will also display your team capabilities by showcasing exactly where your team excels and where they need more training.

Zoho features include the combined use of gamification, advanced CRM analytics and territory management to help your sales and marketing teams collaborate and work from within the CRM tool.

Using such tools to track sales team performance and keep tabs on how they are closing deals and the areas in which they need help will steadily result in each sales representative doing better, and it will boost your overall sales performance.

By Zal Dastur

December 19th, 2016

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