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Find out how Lucep’s martech can help you deliver qualified leads that convert better for your clients.
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Omnichannel lead acquisition

Omnichannel lead capture

A customer who finds your client on social media can be moved to the phone, be sent an email quote, and may then visit the client’s website to complete the transaction.

Lucep has the ability to integrate with all your digital channels such as your website, landing pages, chat bots, and paid lead ad campaigns on Google and Facebook. Lucep will extract all your leads from these platforms in real-time and push them to your sales team instantly.

There’s a simple reason why your clients must be able to do this. As a digital marketing agency, you must be able to facilitate conversations between your clients and their customers that continue across channels. Omnichannel customers who use more than three channels will generate 210% more revenue, on average, compared to those who use a single channel.


Automated lead qualification

There’s a common problem that every digital marketing agency faces - your client says the leads you’re helping generate or sending to them are just not converting. Your lead sources, on the other hand, claim they’re generating exactly the right leads which you and your client asked for. How to align sales and marketing teams to achieve your client’s goals?

Lucep’s automated lead qualification system ensures that your client’s sales teams only get sales-qualified leads (SQLs). Lucep captures leads in real-time from Facebook/Instagram, website and landing pages, and funnels them into an orchestrated multi-channel (via phone, WhatsApp, SMS and email) lead cleansing algorithm.

These are the improved metrics from this martech automation system:

1. 21% increase in conversions with the automated lead cleansing system;

2. 33% reduction in the cost of qualifying a lead;

3. The sales team's response time was reduced down to 6 minutes;

Successful contact rate increased from 23% to 69%; and

Digital lead conversions jumped from 7% to 33%.

Real-time performance tracking

Smart lead distribution

Do you still distribute leads to your clients manually on google sheets or excel sheets? It takes anywhere between 60 hours to five days for a digital lead to make its way from the web through to an email, get entered into a CRM, forwarded to a call center, added to a spreadsheet and then into the hands of the sales executive who must close the sale. This loss of time is costing your clients conversions, if you are able to show better conversion rates from your ads then your clients will be very happy with your performance.

Make use of Lucep for Digital marketing agencies to help your clients respond back to their customers instantly. This means the lead reaches, in real-time, the phone of the right sales team member, who then responds back instantly. Lucep’s smart lead distribution algorithm cuts through all the delay and technologies to connect people to people - that’s how sales still works.

real time tracking

Real-time lead tracking

Once a lead is sent out to the sales team, the client’s management and the digital marketing agency that generated the leads is typically blind to what is happening. Lucep can accurately monitor and manage sales team performance with custom reports for each campaign, as well as for specific client locations and each sales executive.

Post-interaction surveys: You can monitor and improve

1. Lead response time for each sales representative.

2. Feedback through post-interaction surveys to find out how the call went.

3. Lead qualification through a contact center before pushing it out to the sales team.

Find out how Lucep’s martech can help you deliver qualified leads that convert better for your clients.
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