Top 10 features in Lead qualification software

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Top 10 features in Lead qualification software

One of the questions we ask every customer - whether a client or their digital agency, is who qualifies your leads - do you have a call center, business development representatives, or do the leads go straight to the sales team?

For example, many real estate companies we speak to say they push property buyer leads straight to the sales team for the project in question.

But automotive brands (we actually conducted a mystery shopping study of digital lead response by automotive dealerships) will have a digital lead management team call and verify the lead first, and then the lead is pushed to the relevant dealership nearest the customer’s location.

Financial services providers may send an email first to verify a customer’s interest after someone fills up an online application form or asks for a quote.

Regardless of the industry, it can take anywhere from an hour to 48 hours, and sometimes 5-6 days before a lead gets qualified and is sent to the sales team. If sent directly to the sales team, then they spend 80% of their day qualifying leads.

The best way forward is to make use of lead qualification software to automate and trigger an instant response.

This software will have to validate the lead’s email and phone number, verify their intent, and then schedule an appointment to speak with your sales team.

This three-stage qualification process can be almost fully automated without anyone calling a lead. Which lead qualification software can do this, and what are the features you should look for?

We have listed here the top 10 features to look for in lead qualification software, which will enable you to automate lead qualification before handing them over to sales.

  1. Lead scoring: Ability to assign scores to leads based on various factors such as demographics, behavior, and engagement to prioritize follow-up.

  2. Lead prioritization: Ability to prioritize leads based on their score, engagement, and potential value.

  3. Lead segmentation: Ability to segment leads into different groups based on specific criteria, such as industry, location, and job titl

  4. Multi-channel lead nurturing:Ability to automatically send targeted, personalized emails and other communications to leads to keep them engaged.

  5. Lead management: Ability to pipe leads in a centralized database, including lead data, lead status, and lead history.

  6. Lead routing: Ability to automatically route leads to the appropriate sales representative or team based on predefined rules.

  7. Lead verification: Ability to verify lead information, including email addresses and phone numbers, to ensure accuracy.

  8. Analytics and reporting: Ability to track and analyze lead data, including lead sources, lead volume, and lead conversion rates.

  9. Customizable lead forms: Ability to create custom lead capture forms that can be embedded on websites or landing pages.

  10. Integration with other systems: Ability to integrate with other systems, such as CRM, marketing automation, and customer service platforms, to provide a unified view of the customer journey.

Look for lead qualification software based on the 10 features listed above. Which ones have all or some of these features?

Feature Lucep Salesforce Sales Cloud ActiveCampaign
Lead scoring Checked Checked Checked
Lead prioritization Checked Checked Checked
Lead segmentation Checked Checked Checked
Multi-channel lead nurturing Checked Unchecked Unchecked
Lead management Checked Checked Checked
Lead routing Checked Unchecked Unchecked
Lead verification Checked Unchecked Unchecked
Analytics and reporting Checked Checked Checked
Customizable lead forms Checked Checked Checked
Integration with other systems Checked Checked Checked

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By Zal Dastur

February 28th, 2023

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