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Effective lead response


Automate lead distribution


Align sales and marketing teams


Real-time performance tracking

Effective lead response

Effective lead response

After Covid-19, every automotive brand and dealership is looking to digital as their main source of leads. Every lead is precious. We can help you convert more test drives from your web leads.

In a world where consumers aspire for instant gratification, Lucep can accelerate the conversion of lead into a test drive opportunity in less than 5 minutes.

First contact rate: Our customer data shows 62% of customers give their business to the sales representative who responds first.

Lead response time: Customer data for a globally renowned automotive client of Lucep showed an increase in test drive ratio from 7.2% to 33%, when they reduced the lead response time from 51 hours to 6 minutes. See the full automotive lead distribution case study.

Smart lead distribution

Automate lead distribution

Auto brands and dealerships have allocated large budgets for digital marketing, and want to ensure that they are generating best ROI - move more inventory in and out your dealerships.

Omnichannel lead acquisition: Using the Lucep platform, companies can connect web leads generated from their digital marketing on websites, social, email and other channels directly and instantly to their dealer sales executives in the showroom.

Integration: Integrate Lucep easily with your CRM, DMS and other existing lead management solutions. Moving leads in real-time into your lead management system ensures that no leads slip through the cracks and duplication of effort is avoided regardless of which channel the lead is generated from.

align sales teams

Align sales and marketing teams

Real-time lead updates from sales representatives enables your automotive marketing team to optimise lead generation initiatives based on fast feedback from the sales team.

Traffic analytics: Data that comes with each lead raised includes traffic analytics information about the lead, including demographics (who they are) and how they found your website (source), which pages they visited on your site, and more. Help your sales team respond instantly to leads, armed with lead data and analytics that converts more leads into test drives.

Custom reports: Provide marketing teams with actionable data on what channels and campaigns are generating leads that convert quickly into test rides.

Get your marketing and sales teams working in alignment to get the leads you want and convert them into automotive sales. Get Lucep.

Automate lead distribution

Real-time performance tracking

One of the challenges for automotive marketing and sales managers is lead performance analytics. Leads are distributed to dealerships and sales representatives via spreadsheets, email and messages. Management is blind about what happens to the leads once they are sent to the dealership and distributed to DSEs. This means no performance tracking during this part of the sales process, so many leads are not responded to, or gone to a competitor due to delay in lead response.

Real-time lead tracking: Lucep is your own dashboard with real-time tracking of sales lead response at each dealership. Accurately benchmark and manage sales team performance with custom reports for your dealer network, as well as for specific dealerships and each dealer sales executive.

Post-interaction surveys: You can monitor and improve

• Lead response time for each sales representative.

• Feedback through post-interaction surveys to find out how the call went.

• Lead qualification through a contact center before pushing it to dealerships.

Case studies

OEM brand

This use case showcases how smart lead distribution by an auto brand to its dealer network resulted in faster real-time response and a big boost in test ride conversions across the entire network of dealerships.

The client is a well-respected brand in the Indian automotive sector with dealerships in all regions. Read more…

automotive brand


One automotive dealership who started using Lucep on their website saw the leads generated jump by 200% within a month. They gamified their sales process by asking half their sales team to start using Lucep.

Car sales from web leads increased 100% month over month, and sales reps not using Lucep started asking for it. Read more…


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