Case Study - Automotive Dealership Increases Sales by 100 Percent

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Automated qualification of leads from your website and social campaigns...

increase asles by 100%

Don't be surprised if your car buying and selling process is soon powered by Lucep technology.

Lucep ( is working closely with an auto industry leader to power their dealerships with customer engagement solutions that helps them sell more cars.

One automotive dealership who started using Lucep on their website saw the leads generated jump by 200% within a month, and increased car sales from web leads by 100% month over month.


Selling cars for hundreds of thousands of dollars is no small feat, and online web visitors need convincing to commit to a test drive. Converting “lookers to bookers” presents a significant marketing and engagement challenge.

Lucep deployed an engagement tool on this dealership’s website within minutes, and rolled out the sales person’s mobile app to the team on the same day.

Within 30 days, and using only 50% of the sales team, the dealership achieved a 100% increase month-on-month in car sales. All achieved without any additional spend, and on one channel.

How to get Lucep for your automotive business?

1. Request a callback to get a demo or talk to us.

2. Implement Lucep on your website, and use it to funnel your leads from Facebook and email.

3. Your sales team members download the Lucep app for iOS or Android.

Start talking to car buyers to book a test drive.

How is Lucep helping this auto dealer sell more cars?

Use Case 1 – Website

Car and auto parts buyers look up the available options, do their research online, and then call you to inquire about your inventory.

The rest of the transaction is concluded in person, in your showroom. All you have to do is facilitate this process by providing a click to call option and talk to your leads at the right time in the buying process.

If you don’t, you’ll be missing a lot of car buyers who will be talking to competitors that call back leads instantly.

Use Case 2 – Online Test Drive Forms and Abandoned Enquiry Form Fills

Lucep can integrate directly into existing online forms and car insurance quotation systems.

The system will notify you as soon as a form has been completed, so that they can follow up with the prospect.

This is important for providing test drives, pre-owned car sales, and for building relationships with your customers. Lucep can also set time alerts, so if a prospect starts to fill out a booking form but stops halfway, an agent can be notified to try and convert that customer.

In some cases, Lucep has seen a 50% increase in conversions if a customer is contacted immediately after they abandon a form. This is a significant increase to additional revenue at no additional marketing spend.

Use Case 3 – Social media

Do you spend a lot of time on social media without getting any leads? Lucep has partnered with Facebook to integrate directly into their lead ads platform.

Generate leads from Facebook straight to your phone, without spending any time talking to people on social media.

Once a prospect has filled in their details, Lucep will notify the right member of your sales team to respond to this lead. Using Lucep with Facebook Lead Ads makes it easy and simple to understand what ads are generating better quality leads. You will be able to focus your spending to reach the right target audience and engage with them on time, thereby increasing the ROI from the ad spend.

These are just the most common use cases for the product that we have. Take a look at Lucep in action on this page. Simply use the call now widget at the bottom of this page and request a callback. You’ll see how it works, when we call you back within minutes.

By Zal Dastur

June 26th, 2018

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