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Spreadsheet Columns label Column name Mandatory Description
A Name Checked Full name of prospect.
B Country code Checked e.g. 91 for India
C Phone number Checked With the international prefix. Exclude spaces and other characters (e.g. +91123456789)
D E-Mail e.g. [email protected]
E Comments Additional field containing information submitted by the prospect.
F Service ID Check Each service provided by your organization is assigned a Service ID by Lucep. This ID determines which group of people in the organization receive the lead/notification.
G Service Name This is the service requested by the prospect, out of a list of services displayed. We recommend a customer-friendly name which the prospect will recognize.
H Kiosk ID If provided, this value sets the kiosk from where the lead has been raised. If left blank, the default value used is 1.
I Language Code 3 characters in lowercase string in ISO 639-2 Code. If left blank, the default value used is 'eng' for English.
J Location City, State, Country where the lead is created from.
K External ID CRM Lead ID
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