Whatsapp chatbot for automotive dealerships

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Whatsapp chatbot for automotive dealerships

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24/7 response to customer queries

12% more customer satisfaction

Automated scheduling of test drives

21% more conversions to test drives

Real-time notifications to sales team

< 6 minutes faster lead response

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The Challenge: Worldwide, over 2 billion people use WhatsApp. These consumers are increasingly expecting the same brand experience on digital which they get in person at the dealership.

Responding instantly to web and social leads is how you can replicate the showroom customer experience. But it’s not always possible for your sales and service teams to respond instantly to customer queries.

The Solution: Lucep’s WhatsApp chatbot for automotive dealerships and brands fills this hole in your customer engagement strategy.

Engage prospects and customers 24/7 with Lucep’s chatbot RITA (Real-time Initiation Tele Associate). Initiate conversations with customers on the phone - where they are, at the moment when they are looking for you.

You can customise RITA to match the products and services you offer.

An interested car buyer can choose to book a test drive, find the nearest dealership, seek pricing information for a car model, request roadside assistance, schedule servicing at the dealership, and more.

For example, once the buyer has selected option 1 (Test Drive a new car), you can offer a sub-menu that asks the customer to select the brand, and then the car model.

Selecting a car model would take them to the details of that particular car, with pictures, specs and a link to a brochure that a buyer would want to download and read in detail.

After that, the menu can help move the lead forward with options such as schedule test drive, or locate ‘dealership near me.’


The benefits of deploying Lucep’s instant response tools are significant. Our customers have seen:

• Sharp rise in customer satisfaction of over 12%.

• Increase in lead to test drive conversion rates from 10.1% to over 31%. This means over 200% more test drives from the same web and social visitors that you already have.

• Improvement in sales team performance in terms of lead response time, which drops from an average of about 60 hours to less than 6 minutes.

Sharp rise in customer satisfaction

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