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Facebook Lead ads


Simplify lead extraction, distribution and analytics for your Facebook Lead Ads campaigns.

We’ll customize how you distribute lead data from form fills.

The exact same process is fully replicated and automated on our smart lead distribution platform. Learn more...

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Google Adwords

What is the ROI of your search marketing (SEM) campaigns on Google Adwords? Your marketing consultants will spend hours tweaking the campaign to find high volume keywords that have low competition.

This keeps the bid costs low while producing clicks and leads, and you incrementally improve the conversion rate of Adwords campaigns.

But how to increase the conversion rate of leads generated from Adwords - without any A/B testing on the keywords, ad titles and creatives?

Integrate Lucep with your Google Adwords campaign, and we’ll fire the leads in real-time into the hands of the sales executives assigned to respond to that campaign’s lead. Watch your Adwords ROI increase exponentially without any effort.


LinkedIn marketing


LinkedIn marketing is an expensive proposition. Campaigns targeting lead generation require large budgets, so keeping the CPC and cost per lead on LinkedIn is much more significant.

How to maximize the ROI of your LinkedIn marketing campaigns?

Integrate Lucep with your LinkedIn campaigns to respond instantly to a busy executive who has filled in a form expressing interest in your services.

Smart lead distribution of website leads

In this New Normal, you can’t afford to ignore the 95-98% of website visitors who discover you online, but never take the trouble to contact you.

That is what Lucep will help you with - by converting digital lookers into bookers.

Encourage web visitors to request a callback or schedule a demo, instead of just providing a phone number.

Instead of a simple contact form that goes to email, get real-time notifications of web leads coming from all the contact and quote forms on your website.

Respond instantly to these warm leads, making use of lead data and analytics provided by our smart lead distribution platform.


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