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✅ Instant lead notifications.
✅ Smart lead distribution to dealer sales network.
✅ Lead analytics and post-interaction surveys.

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Instant new lead notifications

Instant new lead notifications

Lucep directly integrates into your Facebook Lead Ads campaign to extract form fill leads as they flow in. We integrate seamlessly with Facebook to collect your leads, send instant notifications on the phone, and automate the next steps in your lead management process.

You don’t have to manually keep checking for new leads within your Facebook for Business dashboard.

Smart lead distribution

Smart lead distribution

We’ll customize your current lead distribution process for form fills in a Facebook Lead Ads campaign so that the exact same process is fully replicated and automated on our smart lead distribution platform.

Leads are picked up and sent to the right dealership location and their sales executives based on preferred distribution methods (ad-hoc, round-robin, and/or product category).

Lucep will push leads in real-time into your CRM orDealer management System, and also to a call center for lead qualification before they are sent to the DSEs. Learn more..

Analytics and Lead response times

Analytics and Lead response times

What happens to your social leads once they’re sent to the dealership and a sales executive responds to it? Your customers on social media expect an instant response, within a few minutes.

Lucep pushes dealerships to respond faster - we have case studies which shows that lead response time drops from a high of 51 hours to less than 10 minutes after you start using Lucep. This will drive your lead to test drive conversion rate up by over 200%.
Faster response means better conversions.

Use Lucep data to improve lead response time by tracking and gamifying your dealerships and their sales teams. We provide sales team performance and post-interaction survey data that shows the lead response time for each sales executive, for each dealership, and for regional networks.

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