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Automotive Sales and faster lead response

Automotive Lead Response In The Time Of COVID-19

Article authored by Lucep's Zal Dastur in Mobility Outlook, exploring how the pandemic is changing automotive lead response, and the impact it has on test drives and bookings generated.

Automotive Sales and faster lead response

Interview with Lucep Cofounder and COO Zal Dastur

CallumConects interviews Lucep Cofounder and COO Zal Dastur, who talks about his entrepreneurial journey, and how Lucep is helping businesses that invest in digital channels to generate prospects for their sales agents.

Automotive Sales and faster lead response

Direct linkage between Automotive Sales and faster lead response

Authored by Sonul Verdia, Country Service Line Leader, Ipsos Customer Experience, India and Zal Dastur is COO and Co-founder of Singapore-based Lucep.

collect data from kirana stores

Startups, MNCs are rushing to collect data from ‘kirana’ stores

“We were taking on too many problems without the ecosystem being ready for it," recalls Neelakantan Padmanabhan from the SAP Ganges team, who is now with sales tech startup Lucep.

Fb pitch day

Meet the 14 startups presenting at Facebook accelerator's pitch day

The startups will join Facebook’s "startup alumni program" that will continue to connect them to a wide network of startups and mentors

Digital queues to virtual trial rooms

Digital queues to virtual trial rooms: Retail's answer to Covid-19

From digital queues to virtual trial rooms, retail stores are adopting new technologies to adapt to the post-Covid world, reports Sai Ishwar


Meet Kaiesh Vohra & Zal Dastur...

Meet Kaiesh Vohra & Zal Dastur, a duo working to tackle the COVID-19 Situation in India through their Startup – Lucep


As revenues crash, startups learn to adapt products, services

Sales tech startup Lucep, for example, has re-purposed its product for use in telemedicine initiatives. “We’ve volunteered our software and time. Thousands of doctors are using Lucep to receive inbound queries," says Lucep co-founder Kaiesh Vohra.


Lucep selected to be a part of the second edition of Facebook Accelerator Singapore

Facebook, in partnership with the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), is pleased to announce the startups selected to be a part of the second edition of Facebook Accelerator Singapore

Lucep signs POC contract with Metlife Japan

Lucep signs POC contract with Metlife Japan

From EMEA to Asia – we'd like to congratulate our past collab winner, Lucep, for signing another new POC contract with MetLife. This time, they'll be proving their value in Japan.

COVID19 telemedicine helpline

Govt of Karnataka launches COVID19 telemedicine helpline.

Call 9745697456 now to get advice on the phone from doctors in Kannada, Hindi or English. Lucep is proud to be supporting this initiative by providing our technology to help route queries to doctors efficiently and effectively.

Lucep’s Smart Lead Distribution

An Instant Competitive Advantage: Lucep’s Smart Lead Distribution

“We have repeatedly found that companies take four or five days to respond to customers who reach out through online contact forms,” said Zal Dastur, COO and Co-Founder at Lucep. “Using Lucep, prospective customers just enter their name, phone number, and the product or service required. The lead goes directly to the sales agent, creating a seamless engagement experience.”

FE CREDIT Selects 10 Startups

FE CREDIT Selects 10 Startups for Its Inaugural Accelerator, Xcelerate

Lucep has been selected to participate in the inaugural cohort of the FE Xcelerate business accelerator program, led by FE CREDIT.

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CEO da MetLife louva em Espanha solução testada em Portugal

This is an “insurance uberization” service developed by Lucep that allows the customer’s closest agent to contact him. “It is a pioneering service in the insurance sector” that was launched in Portugal with great success among the branch network and will be exported to other countries, said Herencia.

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Why legacy auto companies need startups to find new buyers

Sales tech startup Lucep, for example, already had a revenue-earning solution in other industries like banking and insurance when it came into Startup Autobahn.

“When I look at it independently, the idea is brilliant. We have to work within a micro-services environment, and it’s a perfect fit from that context,” says [Suresh] Komirishetty.

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On the fast track to drive online leads to real sales

Sales tech startup Lucep finds the missing piece of the marketing puzzle for makers of cars and bikes…The test-ride is one part of a broad spectrum of online-to-offline engagements that Lucep aims to accelerate.

“We believe this is underserved because of either lack of appreciation of value or not putting a process into place,” says Lucep co-founder and CEO Kaiesh Vohra.

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MetLife testa uber dos seguros em Portugal

Metlife is testing a new digital insurance platform in Portugal. The insurer wants to use this platform, created in partnership with fintech Lucep, in the 50 countries where it is present.

“It is the uberization of insurance in Portugal…” – Gonçalo Castro Pereira, director of MetLife in Iberia.

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Lucep wins NTT Data Services Open Innovation Contest

“Congratulations to Lucep for an outstanding recognition. The strength of its Omnichannel Customer Engagement solution helps to enable true customer-centered solutioning in the digital world,” – Sean Breen, Sr. Director, Banking and Payments Consulting Practice Leader, NTT Data Services

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Govt press release - 60 Innovative Solutions (including Lucep) Shortlisted for Global FinTech Hackcelerator

"Working with this year’s finalists to harness their ideas, and craft and refine their pitches has been a truly refreshing experience,” said Jan Reinmueller, Partner, Head of Digital Village, KPMG in Singapore"

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Lucep Selected in Plug and Play Insurtech Program

After screening over 200 applicants, the final selection of 24 startups has been accepted into Fintech and Insurtech Singapore, which aims to facilitate pilots, POCs, and business development opportunities between the financial and insurance institutions and startups participating.

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InsurTech:Lucep wins MetLife collab 3.0 EMEA contract

MetLife has announced Singapore-based Lucep as the winner of its collab 3.0 EMEA programme, which offered InsurTech innovators the chance to win a $100,000 contract to pilot their solutions with the US life giant.

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Check out the 8 startups of Startup Autobahn Singapore's second batch

Startup Autobahn Singapore unveiled the eight startups who will become the accelerator’s second cohort. The startups will work to develop solutions products that can be integrated into the Mercedes-Benz group.

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Hype vs Reality: The shift in India's AI Startup Ecosystem

Startups like AskSid, Lucep, and Flutura with experienced founders have also made encouraging forays into the global market. Lucep partnered with a global bank to enter Mexico…

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Citigroup Doubles Down On Mexican Banking Operation With $1 Billion Investment

Citigroup’s $1 billion investment will be used to bolster Citibanamex’s mobile banking services and modernize bank branches and ATMs…

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It's Only A Brief Matter Of Time That Robots Start Taking Care Of Themselves

Kaiesh Vohra, CEO and Co-founder of Lucep, is already striving to improve human-machine relationship and has answers to questions…

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Looking to make a sale? Lucep will do it for you.

Lucep works in any region that the website does, thus allowing for a truly mobile sales team… Lead-specific analytics give savvy sales teams the insight to engage with leads at their point and level of interest…

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