Coronavirus Telemedicine Helplines. Call :
(Karnataka) 9745697456
(Maharashtra) 9513615550
(Punjab) 18001804104

Lucep is proud to be supporting the Coronavirus Telemedicine Helpline initiative by providing our technology to help route queries to doctors efficiently and effectively, along with our partners in this initiative.

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For Patients - Call :
(Karnataka) 9745697456
(Maharashtra) 9513615550
(Punjab) 18001804104

Calling this telemedicine helpline will start your COVID-19 audio call.

A series of questions will be asked to verify Coronavirus symptoms. After that, you will get a call back from a doctor who will determine further medical care (if required) after speaking to you.

helpline for doctors

For Doctors

Fill up this form to volunteer for the telemedicine project. You will get requests to speak with patients who have called the helpline. The notification you get will include basic information provided by the patient to the automated IVR before you took the call.

‣ The objective is to first determine whether the caller is a COVID-19 PUI (patient under investigation) and their present condition.

‣ The next step is to mark them as either needing immediate medical assistance, or home quarantine.

See doctor training video.

About Founders vs COVID-19 project : Some of India’s top entrepreneurs, technology providers and healthcare professionals have come together to establish this group called Founders Vs Covid-19 to help the country manage this COVID 19 pandemic. Over 2000 doctors have volunteered to be available on call to speak with patients via telephone. Connect with us - @StartupsvsCovid.

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