Zal Dastur

Zal Dastur

Zal is COO and Cofounder of Singapore-based Lucep, currently supporting the government's digitisation initiatives with our safe distancing solution, and helping businesses such as Metlife, Citibank, AIA, Banamex, Mercedes-Benz, CBRE and thousands of others better engage their customers on digital channels. He started his sales career early while still at University, learning to sell everything from magazines to electricity, and then starting a career pitching global sporting brands such as Formula 1 and PGA.

Zal's posts

How to get more leads and drive sales in a Covid world

Convert social media and web leads into test drives in a Covid world. Uberize distribution of automotive digital leads to dealership sales executives.

Conversational AI for Banking - Chatting about EVA and IRA

A banking chatbot in India has had 16 million conversations with over 90% accuracy.What makes this conversational AI for banking work?

Patrick Kelahan on AI, Insurance digital marketing and Insurtechs

Interview with Patrick Kelahan on insurance digital marketing,the role of AI in insurance, and tips for tech startups in insurance.

Talking insurtech startups, technology and investments with Kobi Bendelak

technology and investments with Kobi Bendelak

Interview with Rob Galbraith - The End of Insurance As We Know It

In this interview, we talk to Rob Galbraith, author of the bestselling book 'The End of Insurance As We Know It'. Rob is an author, speaker and insurtech thought leader.

Top 25 insurance and insurtech influencers

The future of insurance is insurtech. This is the title of an in-depth Bain research publication authored by Matteo Carbone, Founder, Connected Insurance Observatory. In a report, PwC Business Development Leader Mike Quindazzi likewise notes that “#InsurTech startups become insurers faster than #insurers can become #InsurTechs...

Customer Experience Summit – Who’s Coming, Agenda, Speakers

The Customer Experience Summit will be held at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore from Nov 25-28, 2018. Highlights of the agenda and speakers.

Insurance Customer Engagement and Lead Flow Automation

Outline of a fairly common multichannel insurance customer engagement scenario, and how it is done using an omnichannel lead flow strategy.

Six Ways to improve Insurance Customer Experience

Six ways to improve insurance customer experience 1. Omnichannel lead distribution 2. AI claims management 3. Open API 4. Expert advisors.

Six lead distribution best practices

Great, you’ve got enough leads coming in to establish a pipeline of sustainable revenue for your business! Now you start wondering – what’s the best way to distribute leads to your sales team in order to maximize conversions?

Click to Call Case Study - UBA Banking on Customer Engagement

This click to call case study explains how Lucep’s technology enabled this bank to improve their customer engagement process.

Case Study - Automotive Dealership Increases Sales by 100 Percent

Case study of automotive dealership who started using Lucep and increased car sales from web leads by 100% month over month.

Top 25 Self-service Kiosk Manufacturers and Management Systems

As part of the scope of work with clients, Lucep works with self-service kiosk manufacturers to make use of their APIs and integrate their machines and software with ours including client’s existing legacy and digital signage systems that are already in place.

How to Write Electronic Direct Mailers

How to write electronic direct mailers that will give you an instant response by email, via social media, or even on the phone.

Automotive Technology Incubators and Accelerators by Big Auto

This is a list of Big Auto-supported incubators and accelerators that are championing innovation and working with startups on everything from connected mobility to autonomous vehicles and smart city solutions. Before we get to the list, a bit of the backstory that explains why Lucep is writing about cars and automotive technology.

Top 50 Martech Blogs and Influencers

Since Lucep is a marketing automation platform that spans the divide between lead generation and response, we also develop engagements with marketing technology experts.

The Conflict Between HR and Sales Managers

This post is about HR and Sales managers working together to define your perfect sales force.

How to Integrate Your CRM With Your Website

Need help integrating your CRM with your website? We've got the links to integration guides from all the major CRMs.

5 Killer Tools to Develop Your Sales Playbook

If you want to create a sales playbook, here are 5 tools that should ease the process of creating this important sales enablement tool.

Free and Open Source Live Chat Box Scripts for Website Customer Engagement

If you want an absolutely free livechat box, this is a list of the most popular and free open source live chat box scripts for your website.

Powerful Three-Letter Sales Acronyms

One of the advantages of engaging with sales experts and interviewing them for this blog is that you learn a lot from them.

Best CRM for Car Dealerships

Since we’re in the business of helping clients with sales, we decided to answer this question and find the best CRM for car dealerships.

Top 5 Selling Tools for Car Dealerships

Why are we talking about selling cars on a B2B sales blog? Because Lucep wants to focus on selected verticals such as car dealerships.

GetSiteControl Callback Widget Alternatives for WordPress Blogs

The GetSiteControl cllback widget forms were very useful years back when there were no better alternatives for website marketing.

Video – How to Sell Without Dropping Your Price

This blog is all about how to sell more, but a more refined question would be about how to sell more without dropping the price.

Video – Startup Sales Tips – How to Get Your First Paying Customers

Lucep startup sales tips video - Patrick Barnes, cofounder and CEO, Advocately, explains how to get your first paying customers.

Mark Hunter Interview – Prospecting Tips From The Sales Hunter

Interview with Mark Hunter, CSP, keynote speaker, sales consultant, and author of two bestselling books on High-Profit Prospecting and Selling.

What is a Sales Methodology, and What Does It Look Like?

What is a sales methodology? This question came up at a Lucep event, and was answered by former Facebook Client Manager Philip Tnee

A Quick Lead Notification App For Your Sales Team

I want to discuss with you how a quick lead notification app is essential for integrating your Sales with Marketing divisions.

How to Get Fast Support to Improve Your Lead Conversion Rate

The ‘Why, Who and How’ of fast lead response. Why is instant response or fast support important for lead conversions and sales?

Interview With Sales Expert Jeff Beals on Social Proof, Referrals and Testimonials

Award-winning author, keynote speaker, and sales expert Jeff Beals explains how to get more referrals and use them effectively.

Handwritten Letter Startup Shows How to Generate Leads From Free Media

If you’re going to get a flood of traffic, generate as many leads as you can during the news cycle. Lucep client TIHLC did this very effectively.

LiveChat Bots vs Human Response to Leads

A very real and instant human lead response, as opposed to a LiveChat bot providing instant canned replies, is what provides a 72% increase in lead conversions for Lucep users.

How to Automate Prospecting Using Lead Generation Software

I want to show you how to automate prospecting using lead generation software. What can you automate using sales software and tools?

Implement Free Call Back on Your Website

Find out how implementing free call back on your website will help improve key marketing metrics and help move leads from marketing to sales.

B2B Sales Tips – Pros and Cons of Outbound vs Inbound Marketing

Dragon Law themselves has been using effective outbound techniques that Sarah Hales describes in this video and interview transcript.

Callback Customers Using a Call Back Tool on Your Website

Using a callback tool on your website gives you the ability to convert leads from your site into customers.

Interview With Sales Call Expert Claude Whitacre

Sales expert and author of One Call Closing Claude Whitacre talks about sales calls, prospecting techniques, and selling tips.

Request a Callback Tool vs Website Form

A common call to action (CTA) on websites is Request a Callback. You can use a callback tool or a website form. Which is better?

Who is Your Target Market – Consumer, SME or Enterprise?

Video clip shows Lucep Director for Marketing & Sales Zal Dastur asking this question, and the response from the panel of sales experts.

Expert Tips to Manage Your Sales Process

Lucep brings you sales tips and best practices from experts to help you manage your sales process.

Sales Enablement Tips to Maintain Consistency

Let;s take a crack at defining sales enablement before we get started on the tips.

How to Manage Your Sales Team

Manage your sales team with an effective lead management tool, that helps in creating a stream of high qualified leads.

Align Marketing and Sales by Defining Qualified Leads – MQLS and SQLs

hy leads definition is important for your organization, and how to align sales and marketing's definition of sales qualified leads.

How to Set Up An Instant Lead Response System

Our instant lead response system helps to connect with your leads with in 5 minutes. Which increases the odds of creating qualified leads by times.

What is Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing is an expansion of modern and traditional marketing strategies with a view to optimize communication between companies brand and stakeholders.

5 Best Sales Approaches to Increase Sales

This article will help you in learning the best sales approaches, which so far has helped numerous sales experts in making a fortune.

3 Lead Conversion Triggers From SEO Experts

3 tips from SEO experts on how to adapt your site to help your visitor convert to a lead. Using psychological,sociologial and technical triggers.

What is Your Alexa Website Reach, and How to Widen it

Your Alexa rank has an impact on how well you place in Google. Make sure you are reaching as many potential customers as possible.