5 Best Sales Approaches to Increase Sales

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5 best sales approaches to increase your sales

Taking an evangelistic approach to increasing lead generation and conversions is now a commonly accepted sales tactic. The idea is to educate potential customers about the value they can get out of your concept and technology, as opposed to pitching them your product.

How does it work? Allow me to share with you Lucep’s formula for sales evangelism and getting more loyal customers.

Lucep is in the business of helping you increase sales.

All our clients are businesses too. So we try to understand potential clients in different sectors, and what can be done to help them get more leads and conversions.

Rather than making a sales pitch about how great a tool we have, Lucep will tell you that “We called some researchers from UC Berkeley and had them do a study on the benefits of instant response to website leads. According to the study report generated by this team, you can not only get more leads and sales through fast response, but also shorten the sales cycle and put yourself on the shortlist of providers under consideration.”

Oh, and Lucep, an instant response call back, will connect website leads to your sales team members in less than 60 seconds. Get Lucep today (it’s free for single users) to find out how instant response increases sales.

Consultative Approach to Increase Sales

A consultative or need-based selling approach is where you identify your customer’s needs and use it as the basis for a sales approach. It takes the hard edge out of product selling, and you can customize it to meet their needs.

Engage with potential customers and ask the right questions to find out their what their needs are, and then come up with a pitch where you explain how your solution is specifically able to meet those needs.

Let’s say there are two sales representatives trying to sell website marketing tools that augment sales. Jack follows the traditional selling model. When a customer comes to his shop, Jack asks them how can he help them. As soon as the customer answers, Jack whips out his Tablet and shows the customer different online tools like live chat solutions, lead management tools, lead nurturing tools, etc. Once they show their interest, Jack uses his talents as a salesman to close the deal.

Jill, on the other hand, uses a consultative approach to sales. When the customer explains what product he is looking for, Jill starts asking questions to understand their business and the underlying reason why they need a website marketing tool. Once Jill gets what the customer is really in need of, she will explain the features and benefits they need to look for in a sales tool. As a trusted consultant looking out for the customer’s interests, Jill will then put forward Lucep as the right choice with all the desired features and benefits they need.

Tool-based Approach to Increase Sales

best sales approaches to increase your salesThis piece by Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle, titled “The Single Most Important Reason Why Online Marketing Is More Important Than Ever,” notes that one in four Americans make online purchases every week.

Once businesses realized the importance of website marketing, their use of online tools and services started to evolve as well. Today, website marketing and sales tools like SEOmoz, Hootsuite and Lucep are highly effective in helping you attract online traffic and increase lead generation and conversions.

A landmark ‘Lead Response Management Study’ by Dr James Oldroyd published by both the Harvard Business Review and sales acceleration technology (SAT) pioneer InsideSales.com shows that the odds of contacting your lead is 100 times higher if you do it within 5 min.

Make instant lead response a priority in your sales process, and engage with your leads before your competitors can even talk to them.

But don’t take our word for it. Try Lucep and see how it works out.

The Networking Approach to Increase Sales

Creating a strong network of influencers and industry experts helps in keeping your pipeline filled with a steady supply of warm leads. Social Media Strategist Neal Schaffer’s book Windmill Networking: Understanding, Leveraging & Maximizing LinkedIn explains in detail how LinkedIn as a powerful social media channel helps in generating more B2B leads. The book will show you how to make the most of your LinkedIn connections and presence by identifying common interaction points and leveraging the potential to reach thousands of global connections.

As Neal notes, “The more we connect with people and leverage each other, The more we benefit.”

An Integrity Approach to Increase Sales

The Best Sales Approach, a must-read article written by Thomas Phelps on the National Association of Sales Professionals website, highlights the importance of integrity in sales. Thomas sees integrity as an approach because he has seen sales professionals try to be someone they are not. He adds that countless sales professionals misrepresent their products or services in a bid to increase sales. This lack of honesty ultimately erodes their reputation, forcing them to shift to a different industry. Approaching your sales career and life with honesty is an indicator of the kind of respect you show for your customers and for yourself.

By Zal Dastur

December 7th, 2016

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