Click to Call Sales Tools and Techniques for Websites

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Click to Call Sales Tools

The trend in website design is going retro, moving beyond the flashy landing pages and scripts, and back towards simplicity, ease of use and functionality for users. Website marketing is likewise coming round full circle by taking users offline. It’s true, because online marketers have finally realized, thanks to the success of Google’s pay per call ads, that they can get more customers simply by talking to search users instead of sending them over to a website or landing page.

Adding click to call sales tools and techniques to your website allows you to do the same on your site. Instead of pounding people with ads and marketing messages, just give them engaging content and an opportunity to talk to you while they are on your site.

Customers on your website want to be treated no differently than if they were physically present in your shop. They want to be seen and heard and treated royally once they enter. It doesn’t matter if they’re online and you are in another part of the world. If they have a question that needs to be answered before they buy, you need to talk to them and give that answer instantly.

Offline and online sales have virtually merged into a single pipeline of leads in your CRM. At various stages in the sales cycle, they may go offline and call you, and then pop up online again on your website, on social media, through emails and other channels. Don’t silo your leads to either online or offline. Let them move seamlessly between both worlds using click to call sales tools and techniques.

How Click to Call Generates More Website Sales

One of the things that happened after Web 2.0 came along was that the interactive web allowed website owners and bloggers to engage their audience and talk to them. This was meant to build a community and keep people coming back to the website. In any case, turns out that engaging people on your website makes them more likely to become paying customers.

This last point can be addressed with the help of an instant response tool, and the engagement part of it you can work on if you have actionable traffic analytics. Luckily, you can get both with a click to call tool that lets you respond fast to customer queries and also gives you all the analytics and lead data you need to close the sale or follow-up after adding the lead to your CRM or other lead management system.

When you provide this kind of instant response to your customer’s queries, the number of leads generated and converted are likely to shoot up by at least 50%. Lucep customers who respond instantly to website leads have seen lead generation rate increases of between 15-48%.

A click to call sales tool has the ability to search for and call people with just a click of a button. The information you can get includes lost contact information, prevents lost phone numbers and general time loss between finding a number in your computer’s database or CRM system and entering it into the phone.

An instant response call back tool therefore increases ROI for your entire sales process by enabling you in making enough calls to engage more leads, convert more of them into customers, and generate more sales revenue.

Click to call technology thus increases the number of leads being responded to, and it reduces the chances of leads being lost and left not responded. Furthermore, integration with your CRM can create a seamless offline-online lead management syste

Benefits of Click to Call Integration with CRM

Integration of click to call sales tools with your CRM takes these tools to a whole new level. Typically, you only have historical data to refer to on leads during follow-up calls, after you have contacted them once and got all the information you need. But with instant response click to call technology, you have this information before you talk to them

This tool is capable of putting in front of you a prospect’s name, number, and other geographic and demographic data from their website behavior. You get all this information at exactly the moment when you need it, when they have requested a callback and you have to call them back right away. Knowing all this helps you establish a connection with a person who is otherwise a complete stranger. This one-on-one human engagement with website visitors increases conversion rates as your customer service and sales employees gain access to the right information at the right time.

It’s similar to a sales rep doing a follow up call, pulling out a notepad with details about the lead’s previous call information and requirements. Also, the data automatically gets fed into your CRM after the call, and creates a streamlined flow for sales managers who can then manage lead distribution for follow-ups.

How Click to Call Technology Improves Sales Team Performance

In addition to helping manage lead distribution and provide actionable traffic analytics data, click to call sales technology will also help you improve your sales team performance. The reports you get include detailed information about each sales team member’s performance, including response time and rates, conversion rates, and other relevant metrics. Sales managers can listen in to calls, or listen to the call recordings later on. It provides actionable intelligence on how to improve each sales team member’s performance, and you can also make use of the calls made by the top performers to teach others what they should be doing.

By Zal Dastur

February 28th, 2017

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