Lead Management – How It Can Transform Your Business

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Want to hear some terrifying statistics for any business owner or sales manager.

So what does all this mean if you own your own business? It means is that there is business out there for all of you, but far too much of it is slipping through the cracks. Sales people not following up with prospects, not responding fast enough to online leads or not tracking your incoming leads so you know when to call them.

This problem becomes a much more serious issue when we are dealing with B2B leads. As we have mentioned in previous posts, B2B leads tend to be rarer than your traditional B2C leads but the value of each lead is significantly more due to the size of the business and the duration of the contract.

Some of the biggest reasons that businesses give for losing prospective customers is that they did not return their calls fast enough or did not keep the prospects information after the initial call. Now is this something that any small business can do? I have heard stories of companies such as Oracle, SAP and IBM having 15-20 day response times. Yes you heard me correctly, DAYS. I guess those are the perks of large companies, small ones on the other hand cannot be so careless.

Imagine if someone calls your business and no one picks up the phone? What do you think they will do? Wait around for an hour and call you again, or go on Google find your competitor and call them. As far as a customer is concerned they have a need and if your business is not there in the right time and the right place, then that business is not yours.

You must remember that most of your leads are not ready to buy at that exact moment. But the fact that they have send you an enquiry means that it is in their thought process and they may be ready to buy in a little while.

Lead management

There are some simple and very basic tips that any business can do to help them with their lead management. Based on our experience here is what works well for most leads.

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By Zal Dastur

May 23rd, 2016

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