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Automated qualification of leads from your website and social campaigns...

Lucep - Quick lead notification app

Today, I want to discuss with you how a quick lead notification app is essential for integrating your Sales with Marketing divisions into a seamless machine. This alignment of Sales and Marketing or “Smarketing” requires the marketing people to come up with the required quantity of qualified leads (see how to define marketing and sales qualified leads). Sales, on the other hand, is required to commit to a certain speed of lead response.

Afew smarketing facts you should know:

Now that we’re clear about the importance of Smarketing, let’s move on to the next part, which is a quick lead notification app for your sales team

A Lead Notification App to Skip Marketing and Alert Sales

According to a Pardot study, 72% of buyers turn to Google during their awareness stage research, and again 70% return to Google in their consideration stage research. While you might have no control over it, customers in the decision stage become extremely crucial to take hold of that customer and make the most of it.

With a quick lead notification app, you can skip the whole process of moving a lead along from your CRM to an SDR, and then as an MQL that is ever so slowly transferred to Sales as an SQL. Three-letter words aside, what you should know is that it’s very easy to skip past this whole process if you use the right technology.

Do it as you see in the image above, and only the sales reps in a particular team qualified to speak with a query for a specific kind of product will receive notifications for the leads that have requested to speak them. This was just one way of classifying teams which was by your roles. You can also segregate teams according to your product categories, management levels, types of requests, and many more.

The point is that buyers who are smart enough to have found your site should be credited with enough ability to choose who they want to speak to. When a visitor comes to your website and wants to know more about your offerings, they fill out their details in the widget and request for a callback.

Since these are leads who have clearly shown that they are already interested in your product, they need not be taken through the entire lead qualification process again. These are also the leads that are highly likely to be converted if responded to instantly.

All that the Sales team then has to do is respond quickly. There is no one else involved in between, and no three-letter words to worry about.

Smarketing and Lead Notification App Case Studies

One of our clients, a startup, was doing well even before they installed the Lucep app. But their response to all the positive marketing buzz being generated was falling short, until they aligned both divisions so that the leads flowed smoothly from their site directly to their sales team members.

This was a timely action that helped them take advantage of a huge media story. They couldn’t have possibly taken complete advantage of this short flood of traffic and generated as many leads as they have done now if it weren’t for the lead notifications they got and responded to.

The startup managed to get a 77% increase in conversions within a period of days. If it hadn’t been for Lucep’s widget and app combo, they might have had a feel-good impact for a couple of days while the traffic flowed, but then would have got nothing more out of it.

Another company that deals in haircare products likewise had a lot of brand awareness and interest in their products online. People were searching for their products and the benefits of their products, but that didn’t translate into leads or online sales because of a lack of engagement.

They didn’t have a proper marketing and sales funnel to move leads forward through the sales funnel. Without SDRs and a full lead management system to handle all this, plenty of high quality leads were being wasted.

Once they installed the Lucep widget, the entire process of converting prospects on the website into sales-qualified leads got automated. People who were interested in specific products suddenly started calling the sales team members who were selling that particular product.

If you have a bottleneck in your marketing funnel that is not producing enough sales qualified leads, try a quick lead notification app. It will virtually automate the entire lead qualification process, and push qualified leads straight through to your sales team.

By Zal Dastur

April 19th, 2017

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