Want Instant Leads? Try These Tips Now!

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Automated qualification of leads from your website and social campaigns...

Want Instant Leads? Try These Tips Now!

Leads are the lifeblood of any sales team and business. The easier it is for a business to get leads the faster that company will grow. High quality leads close faster and with less effort allowing you to process more of them.

It is generally understood that B2B lead gen is held up by three pillars. These are content marketing, in-person relationships and referrals from existing customers or contacts. These have been tried and tested methods of generating good quality leads for businesses. However they all have one thing in common, they need time. Content marketing is a minimum 6-8 month time frame before the results start coming in. In-person relationships take months before they bare fruit and referrals are dependent on an outside third party.

This information does not help a company that is struggling to make its targets this quarter. Lucep wants to help your business right now with 10 ideas that will help you instantly start seeing more leads come into your funnel and a higher quality of lead as well. Right, let’s get started.

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By Zal Dastur

July 4th, 2016

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