How call to chat can anchor your B2B business

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There’s a vast difference between B2C e-commerce sales and generating B2B business online on your website. The latter requires your pages to provide in-depth information that explains your business, product, brand and its applications and implementation. The detailed knowledge base is good for SEO purposes, but it not so good for conversions because people tend to skim through the text.

You have 3 seconds to allow your page to load before the visitor loses interest and closes the window. You have 8 seconds to grab their attention with a knockout introduction that tells people what the article is about

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If you get past these two hurdles, then you have to provide a huge amount of information that takes about 5-7 minutes to read. At the end of it, you have to explain, in summary, what it is that you are trying to say.

The point is that 99% of your visitors aren’t going to get to this stage. You lose some at 3 seconds, approximately half at 8 seconds, and there’ll be 1 or 2 out of 100 that read the entire page and then try to contact you for the next stage of the B2B buying process.

If you want to skip this whole routine, and grab your visitors right past the 8 second point to generate a lead, then start using a call to chat solution.

8-sec Mark – Call to Chat Now or Continue Reading

Your website visitors arrive on the page because the search engines know it has the volume and depth of information a B2B buyer needs.

But instead of spending 10 minutes trying to understand a huge collection of sentences, all they have to do is request a callback from you – the business owner or your sales team.

If you want to understand how it works and what are the benefits, use the Lucep widget below to request a callback, or continue reading

Increase Conversion Rates Using Call to Chat

According to the statistics we have (ongoing analysis of visitors that all Lucep clients get every month), proper use (we’ll come to that) of the Lucep widget and click to call app will increase your lead generation by up to 47% and lead conversion rate by up to 72%.

This is not just about promoting Lucep. In fact, we want to evangelize about the concept of instant response to website queries, and the impact it has on increasing sales lead generation and conversion rates.

For example, Lucep’s prime competitors are the live chat box providers such as Olark, Zoho and Zopim. All of them will provide you similar statistics, on how a chat box can anchor your B2B business.

For example, Olark has a case study on how to use live chat transcripts to increase conversion rates by 176%. Zoho SalesIQ and Zendesk Chat (formerly Zopim) likewise have studies and blog posts claiming that use of their chat box can increase conversion rates by around 30%

Summary of How Call to Chat Can Anchor Your B2B Business

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Now let’s wrap it up with a summary of what I have tried to explain. Website visitors have fleeting attention spans, and this is the main reason why online conversion rates are so low (1% to 3%). The rest of your visitors, many of whom are genuine prospects and leads that could and would have become your B2B customers, come and go without letting you know who they are or what they wanted. This is where you need to offer an easier and in-your-face option that your site visitors can use to talk to you.

Read this case study on how an HR company was able to increase B2B lead generation and conversions by using call to chat to solve the problem of a website that was unable to explain the depth of the services offered to enterprise customers.

By Zal Dastur

September 19th, 2017

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