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Creating engaging content is now an essential part of every online marketing strategy for getting more leads online. There’s a very strong connection between the quality of content a website has and it’s lead generation rate, conversion rate, average page views, bounce rate and other key metrics. Now I want to take this a step further by making use of no programming call back for connecting these engaged website visitors directly to your sales team members

But let’s start with the impact of engaging content. As part of our ongoing effort to provide more accurate traffic analytics and actionable reports and data to Lucep customers, we analyzed the traffic data of 25 of our top performing clients. One of the things that came to light from this study was that clients who were producing engaging content generated more page views and leads with less unique visitors than others that are getting more traffic.

Lucep Client Study – Engaging Content Generates More Leads and Sales Online

Power of Call Back in Driving Engagement

Instant response to leads is one of the core marketing tenets of engaging prospects and leads at the point where they also want to reach out to you. This works across all marketing channels and platforms.

For example, a study by Monetate and eConsultancy showed that real-time marketing increases conversion rates by 26%. Another study by eMarketer found that better conversion rates are the second biggest reasons why agencies and brands use real-time marketing

Similarly, click tracking is one of best known conversion techniques for email marketing, where you call a recipient instantly when you get a notification that they have clicked on a link in a mailer. Social media marketing tools like Hootsuite likewise enable you to respond instantly when you get a mention or query from a lead or customer.

Call back is the equivalent of this kind of instant response and engagement for website visitors. In this recent article on how effortless click to call improves customer satisfaction, conversion rates and analytics, you can read a lot more about the impact of this engagement.

A Google study to understand customer attitudes towards click to call showed that 70% of customers on mobile devices used this feature to get in touch with the seller they chose.

Case studies about adding call extensions to your ads show that it can increase your click through rates by 4-5%. These studies and reports clearly show how click to call functionality can help increase lead generation and improve customer retention through engagement.

But in this article, I want to share you with how to implement no programming call back, and explain why it’s an improved version of a plain callback button, link or piece of code.

How to Add No Programming Call Back to Your Website

Adding a click to call button or link to your website requires programming and web development skills. It can be difficult to set up, especially if you aren’t aware of all you the customization options that you can incorporate. But everything is available now as a service, including SaaS click to call functionality for your website. This is how you can add no programming call back to your website. It requires zero effort on your part, no programming knowledge whatsoever, and it can be added to your website and functional within a few minutes.

Advantages of No Programming Call Back vs. Coding a Callback Button

Apart from the ease and speed of implementation, there are plenty of advantages in opting for no programming call back, as compared to coding your own callback button. Here’s the list:

• Customization – In just a few very simple steps, you can customize the look and feel of the tool to match your website template and design features. All this can be done instantly, and doesn’t require any changes to be made to the template.

• Reports – A coded click to call button can’t collect any data, and won’t give you any traffic, lead and sales data either. But a call back service can provide all this.

• Sales Enablement – The notification that your sales rep gets allows for lead qualification by differentiating leads that are actually going to buy the product from those who are just curious. Since the leads that come in through call backs are already qualified, your reps don’t have to waste their time trying to chase people who aren’t interested in your product or service.

• Sales Management – The reports you get also provide data on individual sales rep performance data. You will be able to follow each lead – see which website user requested a callback, which sales team member answered the call, and what the same user did after that on the website. Such a call tracking system enables highly accurate sales team management and monitors lead response, conversions and conversion rate.

How No Programming Callback Drives Engagement

The best part about no programming callback, which I saved for this last bit, is that it drives engagement at exactly the right point, when a prospect in on your website, has seen what you have to offer, and wants to speak with you to move into the next stage of the buying cycle.

The problem with your typical website is that it converts between 2 to 5 percent of the traffic, and the rest of your visitors move on without buying or showing their interest. When you add a no programming callback tool to your site, it makes two things happen:

1. Many of the 95-98 percent of people who never contact you suddenly start reaching out to you, giving their names and numbers and other visitor data that instantly makes them a lead in your sales pipeline.

2. You are able to talk to them on the phone. Inbound phone leads convert at over 50%, which means that you are not only getting more leads from your website, but you have also increased the conversion rate from the usual 5-10% or so to a stunning 50% or more.

By Zal Dastur

February 20th, 2017

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