Three 3-Letter Mantras to Generate More B2B Leads From Your Blog

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Three 3-Letter Mantras to Generate More B2B Leads From Your Blog

A mantra by definition is something like a charm. You keep repeating and it works every time. If you have a B2B business blog which generates leads, follow these three 3-letter mantras which will generate more and more leads, every time you use them.


The focus of a B2C blog targeting consumers is far broader than a B2B blog. If you’re targeting consumers, you can talk about anything that interests them. On the other hand, a B2B blog must talk about the business of your customer, as opposed to the customer. That sort of narrows down your options.

Handwritten Letter Startup Shows How to Generate Leads From Free Media - “Coverage from a big media publication is a good thing, but what happens after your 15 minutes of fame is up?…Lucep client THLC did very effectively, converting a very nice story about them into a large number of leads while the traffic is still flowing hot.”

UBA Group deploys AI-powered callback technology for instant customer response – “UBA Group is taking advantage of AI-powered systems that even the western banks haven’t implemented yet… This has been implemented by using web to phone callback technology developed by Lucep.”

So the Lucep Sales Blog is a B2B resource which focuses on how to help our clients sell more, and by doing so, demonstrate the ROI to potential Lucep customers.


The second B2B mantra is ROI. What is the ROI your product or solution will generate for your customer’s business? It’s explained in more detail in this post on how to calculate ROI to the C-Suite.

The summary of it is that instead of using up a large part of your sales pitch to explain the ROI, you just demonstrate it, through testimonials, case studies, product demos, and an ROI calculator that allows your prospects to calculate how much ROI “they” can expect if they BUY.


After you have said B2B a dozen times and demonstrated the potential ROI, the third mantra you need to use in your blog is your call to action. Ask your customer to BUY. That’s one thing that a lot of new sales reps miss out on, because they’re not convinced the customer is ready to buy, so they don’t ask the customer to buy.

So, now that you’re done reading this article, sign up for the Lucep (no card needed). pricing and BUY. If you have any questions, use the Lucep widget on the bottom right to find out first-hand how Lucep works, and you can ask for a demo.

By Zal Dastur

October 13th, 2017

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