5 Killer Tools to Develop Your Sales Playbook

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As the founder, CEO or sales manager, you’re the one who knows your company, its products, and the sales process that works best. Instead of training each sales rep individually, it’s a recommended best practice to create a sales playbook that gives them all the information they need.

If you want to create a sales playbook for your business, here are 5 tools that should ease the process of structuring, designing, creating, distributing and maintaining this critically important sales enablement tool.

1. Sales Scripter – sales content creation tool.

SalesScripter makes your sales reps go through an algorithm of interview questions that will extract the most important things about what it is that they will be selling. With that data, it will help them identify the optimum talk tracks and questions for the products they sell and the different buyer personas that they interact with.


With some more additional input from your sales reps, this web-based app will provide call scripts, voice mail scripts, objection responses, email templates and more. The software is just like someone interviewing you to create a custom library of sales tools documents. You will also have access to pre-built campaigns and ideas for building a pitch. This tool acts as a great content creator, and will help you and your sales team get the most out of your calls.

2. Vplaybook – sales content distribution.

The next most important thing is to get the content across to your sales reps. You’ll require a tool that will help you distribute and then add/edit/modify the content as when the need arises. Additionally, you would also want to send data back and forth to and from your sales reps, which is a mobile solution, and works without taking up too much of their time.

Almost all of us are quite comfortable with Slack as it’s quite a popular daily messaging tool for business. But only a handful of you might really know about an all-in-one integration to Slack. Guru can be used as a sales and customer success enablement tool, a support knowledge base and a knowledge management solution. Guru’s slack bot ensures your team can capture knowledge that is created in organic Slack conversations.

This means that just by looping Guru into your team’s conversations in Slack, you can say goodbye to answering repetitive questions or searching through a sea of Slack conversations to find the right answer. Here are a few more things it can do to help you put together a sales playbook.

If by any chance you’re unable to access Slack, then Guru has you covered to reach to your browser extension and open it in just 1 simple click. Guru can also be integrated with other tools such as Salesforce, Desk.com or Zendesk, so the right knowledge gets contextually suggested to your team members without having to search for it or seek out an expert.

4. Playboox.

Enterprise software sales and inside sales leaders today face a formidable challenge – to help their reps gain traction in senior level buyer engagement process. This has made it nearly impossible to meet the aggressive growth targets that you’ve set for your team. The only way out of it is to equip your SDRs with the tools, training, and technology required to consistently and systematically gain buyer engagement, traction, and commitment.


Playboox is a native Salesforce.com sales enablement consulting and software company led by former executives at top companies such as Salesforce, Gartner, DocuSign and Symantec. They specialize in helping fast-growth enterprise software companies develop and deploy SDR, sales and sales manager enablement programs, playbooks, tools, processes, and technology that establish the foundation for scalable and predictable growth.

Their software – The Playbook Playmaker, dons an inbuilt sales playbook builder that will assist you in creating multiple, simple and effective playbooks that guide reps and managers to consistently apply what top performers say and use at each stage of your sales process to access and advance specific deals.

It has a whole bunch of other resources as well, such as guided planning, calling, coaching and selling tools, to give your sales reps the most essential information in the flow of any conversation.

5. Qvidian – Sales playbook and analytics.

Whenever your company evolves, it’s the sales rep’s job to stay updated. However, with so much going on in terms of advancement in tools, technologies and strategies, it’s actually very difficult to keep track of everything in one place, and that’s where playbooks come into play. Right?


Yes, but what about situations that aren’t defined and documented in your sales process? Can a sales playbook be of any use to handle the continuously challenging situations that reps go through in situational sales encounters?

Build your team’s confidence with Qvidian sales playbooks. It provides salespeople with automated guidance, information and sales best practices for each unique selling situation, minimizing the need for sales reps to chase information throughout the organization.

The analytics part of this tool is even more powerful. After its integration with Salesforce, you can easily transform static data into an actionable sales processes. You can track your sales activities, track stages in the sales cycle, ensure sales reps are familiar with your sales process, and eventually forecast with confidence knowing that your team is on track

By Zal Dastur

July 10th, 2017

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