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Great, you’ve got enough leads coming in to establish a pipeline of sustainable revenue for your business! Now you start wondering – what’s the best way to distribute leads to your sales team in order to maximize conversions?

As we speak, over a million sales leads and customer queries are making their way from websites all over the world into the Lucep servers.

Case study: How this dealer got 100% more sales in a month.

These leads then get distributed to the sales and customer support teams of thousands of companies which use our platform to acquire leads and push them to the right team member.

Why do all these companies, which include some of the world’s largest banks, insurance companies, automotive manufacturers and dealers, and government agencies, make use of Lucep for lead distribution?

The sales process tips below are based on our experience in pushing millions of leads and notifications daily to our clients, sent to them by their customers.

This is a list of lead distribution best practices that you should follow when you have a high volume of leads being pushed to a large sales or customer support team. Make use of these tips to move the needle on increasing conversion rates for high-volume traffic and lead generation businesses.

1. Omnichannel solution to capture and drive lead distribution from all channels.

Omnichannel solution

omnichannel lead distributionThe idea of omnichannel engagement is that you get to have a conversation with your customers, regardless of which channel they are on at any given time.

Someone could start looking for a car or insurance or a banking product online, and try to call you or get a quote online and then you call them.

They could just as well start on Facebook or on an email, and then go to the website, call you, and ask for quote directly from social media. They may then go back to the website to buy online, or you could meet them in person to discuss it in detail.

Instead of each of these being separate interactions, an omnichannel engagement will make it a series of touches where each one is a continuation of the previous one.

So what we do is that regardless of where the lead originates from, the lead distribution from that point on is the same for all the channels.

2. Real-time notifications with lead data.

Real-time notifications

Automotive lead distribution case study As soon as someone fills out a form on your website, it must be sent in real-time to the sales team member who can take up this lead and initiate the first contact when the prospect has shown the intent to buy


The flow below explains an example of lead distribution for an automotive dealership.

This is how Lucep enables this real-time notification that provides all the lead data you need to make the contact, knowing who is the customer and what they are looking for.

• Instant notifications sent directly to dealers

• Partial form fills sent to agents

• Provide customer analytics on interests

• Marketing analytics on the best performing channels

• Integrations directly into CRM

• Integration into existing apps

3. Intelligent distribution based on sales force segmentation

Intelligent distribution

lead distribution based on salesforce segmentation As you can see in the image above, the Lucep widget allows your customer to select which service they are interested in, in addition to providing their name and number.

We then add more lead data, including demographics, location, history of past interactions, and analytics data such as which pages they visited on your site.

The lead distribution is therefore based on salesforce segmentation factors such as which product or service is requested, the location, expertise, customer size, etc.

This is the kind of intelligent lead distribution that factors in the moment of intent and context, which are key for driving conversions.

The auto dealership shown managed to increase online car sales, month-on-month, by 100% after they started distributing leads using Lucep.

How does it work? In the case of an auto dealer who has several brands and showroom locations, we would send a request for a Mercedes-Benz test drive to a salesperson who is free to take the call, and handles this brand at the showroom that is nearest to the location of the customer.

4. Gamify sales by splitting your team.

Gamify sales

Gamify sales acceleration with lucepAgain referring to the same automotive case study, it also ended up as a very nice example of how to gamify your sales team by splitting them into the haves and have-not’s.

As a pilot to test how our callback would impact their website marketing and sales, they asked half of their car sales team at this showroom to download the Lucep app.

This pilot group then started getting sales lead distributions on the same day itself after we got Lucep live on their website.

The difference in conversions between those who were added as Lucep users to get push notifications, and those who were not using Lucep, was so striking that everyone wanted to start using Lucep right away.

5. Instant response to queries.

Instant response

instant response to leadsYou need to receive a real-time notification while the customer is still on your website or on your Facebook page or an email. After that, it’s up to your sales team to respond instantly.

Close the deal, or at least line it up nicely before the competition has a chance to get a foot in the door.

Assuming you respond to any leads raised in less than 5 minutes, and your competition takes between an hour to 24 hours to do the same, your business can instantly increase your lead qualification rate by between 7 to 21 times.

Making use of Lucep for instant response to sales leads will generate this kind of increase in your lead qualification and conversion rates.

6. Integration to pipe leads into your CRM.

Integration to pipe leads into your CRM.

crm integration website lead distributionOn top of the instant response to leads, you also need to add every lead into a CRM, as one of your lead distribution best practices.

No matter where the lead originates from (website, social, email, mobile or any digital channel), Lucep will pipe it through into your CRM.

This is actually the basis for the omnichannel engagement that follows at every subsequent touchpoint.

Any time a customer engages with you on any channel, the entire history of interaction up to that point is instantly made available to your staff, so that they can continue the conversation from there and take it forward faster towards a sale.

By Zal Dastur

July 9th, 2018

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