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CRO Click to Call product

One of the overarching goals of every sales organization is better conversion rate optimization (CRO) for every activity that marketing undertakes. Everything you do along these lines is broadly classified as sales enablement, including CRO tools and platforms.

In this article, we’re going to talk about one particular CRO tool – a click to call tool for enterprise sales teams.

What is a Click to Call Tool?

Studies published by the Harvard Business Review, and Lucep all show that using a click to call tool for instant response to sales leads increases your chances of qualifying leads by 50% or more.

What click to call does is to connect website leads instantly to your sales team members, while also providing an instant notification that includes relevant information and demographics about the lead that will be helpful in qualifying the lead and/or closing the sale.

This kind of inbound call request generated by your prospects and leads is extremely important because:

Click to Call Product Benefits for Enterprise Sales

Click to call will benefit any business that needs to talk to its prospects and leads to convert them into customers. But it’s especially valuable for enterprise sales, offering a wealth of features and data that is extremely helpful in moving leads forward through the marketing and sales funnels of large organizations with a huge number of leads in different stages of the funnel at any given time.

CRM Integration: You can easily integrate click to call with your CRM. Once a lead requests a call, all their information is automatically stored and added into your lead management system as a new lead (or as the next interaction if it’s an existing lead / customer who requested the call). This saves your sales reps the time and effort needed to enter data manually into the CRM. It’s also very useful for integrating website leads into a centralized lead management system along with all your other leads from offline sources, email marketing, social media, etc.

Lead Data and Traffic Analytics: The basic information you get includes the lead’s name, phone number, call duration, etc. Based on their behavior on your site, you also get traffic analytics data such as time spent on the site, pages viewed, visit history and other relevant demographic information.

Lead Tracking: The beauty of a click to call product is that it bridges the gap between online contacts on your website and the offline contact you have with leads through telephone calls. So it can track repeated interactions with a lead across these channels, and log all of it as a single conversion resulting from multiple web and phone interactions.

For example, let’s say a website visitor requests a callback and talks to a sales rep who responds instantly. The lead is convinced enough after the phone call to come back to the website later on and purchase your product online.

Your click to call product will follow these multiple interactions and mark the entire process as the total number of leads generated and the resultant conversions, but the best part is that it also gives you CRO data.

CRO: As you go on using a Click to call product, it can compare data from previous weeks against your most recent efforts, and show you whether your conversion rate has gone up or down this week. It clearly highlights the results of your conversion rate optimization efforts, and provides actionable insights to take further action in this regard. This is why we call it a CRO click to call product.

Sales Team Improvement: The lead response and call data that is collected by the Click to Call product will help sales organizations track and improve performance of the team as a whole, and also that of individual sales reps

You can look at the response time and conversions for each sales rep, and listen to their calls and call recordings to find out how they are performing, and provide training in areas where you can find them to be lacking.

Benchmarks for metrics like number of outbound calls per hour and ideal call durations may also be monitored to make sure that the teams, individually and as a whole, are productive enough to hit their sales targets. Such transparency and actionable information will typically help improve sales team performance significantly.

By staying on top of what your teams are doing, sales managers can measure and implement the best practices to close deals throughout their sales organization. They can help sales reps be more productive by giving them tools to communicate more effectively and frequently with customers.

By Zal Dastur

January 31st, 2017

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