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Automated qualification of leads from your website and social campaigns...

bulk sms gateway providers

Lucep’s automated lead qualification service includes an SMS campaign component wherein our clients are able to send out customized messages to their prospects via SMS API, Whatsapp for Business, email, and automated pre-recorded phone calls via programmed voice call API.

Every client has differing needs in terms of lead volume, budget, content and messaging frequency, SMS templates, etc. We work with cloud telephony API services and telecom regulators from all over the world, wherever our clients are located and/or have customers they wish to reach out to.

This is a country and region-wise categorized list of most of the bulk SMS marketing service providers that we work with or have researched, as potential partners and service providers for our clients.

01. Twilio

Twilio is the Tesla of cloud telephony numbers, voice call APIs and SMS messaging services. We work with local or regional providers where available (they’re usually more cost effective and have direct partnerships with the largest carriers in the country). But if we can’t find a suitable SMS gateway service provider, then we can always turn to Twilio, whose APIs power more than 100 billion messages a year.
Website: https://www.twilio.com/sms

02. Kaleyra (India)

Kaleyra is an API-based platform to engage your clients with personalized messages, chatbots, programmable voice services, and more. Their SMS text messaging is trusted by Fortune500 companies, top OTT, and 30+ primary banks globally for their text notifications, alerts and promotional SMS messages. Fastest and cost effective bulk SMS service to reach your customers in India, and they can also provide this service in other regions of the world through their partner providers. Also trusted by Lucep.
Website: https://www.kaleyra.com/sms-text-messaging/

03. Textit.biz (Sri Lanka)

An SMS gateway service provider in Sri Lanka with in-house SMS servers, no setup fees, no Monthly fees and no hidden fees. HTTP / HTTPS API, web interface, two way messaging, SMS branding, and multi-language support.
Website: http://textit.biz/

04. Aakash SMS (Nepal)

Aakash SMS lets you deliver SMS messages to mobile handsets almost anywhere in Nepal regardless of which telecom service provider you use - NTC or Ncell.
Website: https://aakashsms.com/

05. mibs (Myanmar)

Bulk SMS service provider in Myanmar offering promotional, transactional and two way SMS services.
Website: https://www.mibs.com.mm/

06. SendPK (Pakistan)

Services can Be used for SMS marketing to send messages to Pakistan, and offering worldwide SMS coverage.
Website: https://sendpk.com

07. Alibaba Cloud (China)

Alibaba Cloud Batch SMS API enables you to deliver one-time password (OTP), notification, alerts, reminder, and promotional messages in real-time to more than 200 countries and regions worldwide, including text messages to mainland China.
Website: https://www.alibabacloud.com/campaign/short-message-service

08. XGATE (Hong Kong)

Send real time and scheduled Bulk SMS right from your PC. Powered by XGATE's Enterprise Class SMS Gateway.
Website: https://www.xgate.com/sms-gateway/

09. TextMe (Israel)

TextMe is a cross-platform messaging application that allows you to send bulk text messages to customers in Israel and dozens of other countries. Offers API support for quick and easy integration with your CRM, ERP and other marketing automation systems. Features include mailing lists upload, campaign management, scheduled messaging, and reports.
Website: https://textme.co.il/

10. SMSala (UAE)

SMS gateway providers for bulk SMS messaging in UAE, across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and others, and also delivering to over 200+ countries and 452+ networks all over the world.
Website: https://smsala.com/

11. Mobishastra (Saudi Arabia)

Mobishastra offers bulk SMS marketing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all other parts of the United Arab Emirates and GCC countries.
Website: http://mobishastra.com/

12. Misr Bulk SMS (Egypt)

Promotional SMS provider in the GCC region - also a venture by Mobishastra. Their promotional SMS service can be used for SMS Marketing in Egypt, UAE, India and Saudi Arabia.
Website: https://misrbulksms.com/

13. Clicksend (USA)

ClickSend United States is a cloud-based gateway service for your business that lets you send bulk SMS, email, fax and letters worldwide. All SMS sent to the US must originate from a pre-approved number that is associated with your account. Two-way replies are supported.
Website: https://www.clicksend.com/

14. Clickatell (Canada)

Using 2-way (two-way) messaging, Clickatell’s clients in Canada are able to reach customers in every corner of the globe with the ability to connect, interact and transact with over 85% of the world population across 1000+ mobile network providers.
Website: https://www.clickatell.com/promotions/canada-text-messaging/

15. SMS Masivos (Mexico)

Effective deliveries to Telcel, AT&T, Movistar. More than 8 years of experience sending SMS. Join our more than 16,000 clients who send Bulk SMS campaigns every day.
Website: https://www.smsmasivos.com.mx/

16. Africa’s Talking (Africa)

Africa’s Talking supports a growing community of over 25,000 developers, spread across the continent and beyond. Send relevant, targeted messages to a large group with only one API request. Brand your messages with your company or service name by using a Sender ID.
Website: https://africastalking.com/sms

17. SMSsouthafrica (South Africa)

Send Bulk SMS campaigns to thousands of mobile numbers or groups in South Africa with a few clicks! Supported networks include Vodacom, MTN, Virgin Mobile and Cell C.
Website: https://www.smssouthafrica.co.za/

18. Oramobile (Kenya)

Oramobile offers bulk SMS accounts in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret, Kakamega, and Nyeri, with shortcode, ring back tones, USSD, and phone number databases with 24 hour support.
Website: https://oramobile.co.ke/

19. eBulkSMS (Nigeria)

reliable and affordable Bulk SMS Service in Nigeria. Offers customized SMS option to pick columns from a CSV (Excel) file, SMS schedule, inbox to receive SMS replies (2 Way), automatic removal of duplicate numbers, bulk SMS API for any platform (Joomla, Java, etc.), download delivery reports, and online backup of all your contacts.
Website: https://www.ebulksms.com/

20. MessageMedia (Australia)

Australia’s top SMS provider, sending 400 million messages through their gateway each month, with 90% of text messages being opened within 90 seconds. They provide services to 65,000 customers around the world.
Website: https://messagemedia.com/au/messaging/sms/

21. TNZ (New Zealand)

TNZ makes SMS simple - send updates, receive replies and handle two-way conversations from your email, the TNZ Dashboard or integrated within your existing systems.
Website: https://www.tnz.co.nz/Services/SMS/

22. Ginota (Indonesia)

Ginota, Indonesia's leading SMS Gateway and SMS API Service Provider, offers you direct routes at wholesale prices for your bulk SMS and SMS marketing.
Website: https://www.ginota.com/messaging

23. RapidSMS (Singapore)

The SMS service provider that even government agencies in Singapore rely on for their messaging. Using the web and add-on modules, you can send and receive messages or programmatically integrate to RapidSMS web services API to deliver your notifications.
Website: https://www.rapidsms.net/

24. XOXZO (Japan)

Web API for SMS - send SMS messages to multiple carriers from a single API. Optional direct connection sending to Docomo, KDDI, Rakuten Mobile and SoftBank subscribers in Japan.
Website: https://www.xoxzo.com/en/about/sms-api/

25. GO!SMS (Malaysia)

GO!SMS aims to be your one-stop-shop for all things relating to the SMS platform in Malaysia.
Website: https://gosms.com.my/gosms/index.aspx

26. SureM (South Korea)

SureM is a major Korean SMS aggregator with more than 3,000 enterprise clients and over a 1.5 million of individual subscribers. Integrate their HTTP/SMPP API into your system, use a special Excel-based program "X-messenger",​ or even send SMS directly from your account on their website - currently available in Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese and Russian.
Website: http://surem.net/

27. MailBIT (Thailand)

MailBIT is a Bangkok-based and NBTC Licensed SMS provider offering carrier grade SMS platform and direct connections to Thai operators. Whether you need to send Single SMS or Bulk SMS, you can use MailBIT API SMS or MailBIT web interface and send SMS without application download.
Website: https://www.mailbit.co.th/thailand-sms/

28. eSMS.vn (Vietnam)

eSMS.vn is a provider of bulk sms service in Vietnam at an affordable cost. Their gateway allows you to send text messages to bulk lists of cell phone numbers in Vietnam.
Website: https://www.esms.vn/

29. Esendex (UK)

Send Bulk SMS campaigns to your customers in the UK using any device connected to the internet.
Website: https://www.esendex.co.uk/services/bulk-sms/

30. OVH Telecom (France)

OVH Telecom’s SMS Pro makes sending SMS over the Internet easy. Manage your marketing campaigns, create SMS alerts and communicate with your customers.
Website: https://www.ovhtelecom.fr/sms/

31. Link Mobility (Europe)

LINK Mobility is Europe's largest provider of mobile services to the corporate market. Easily integrate your IT systems with their SMS gateway API. Supports features like address look-ups, positioning of mobile phones, send SMS for mail, and more.
Website: https://linkmobility.com/products/link-sms-messaging-gateway/

32. QUESMS (Spain)

Allows you to send and receive SMS via internet easily and quickly, or through API that allows you to automate sending SMS from your systems. Integration is simple, no matter what programming language you use. Send SMS in seconds.
Website: https://www.quesms.com/en/

33. Rapporto (Russia & CIS)

SMS platform "Rapporto" has the only direct connections to all operators within Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
Website: https://rapporto.ru/en/services/sms_rassylka_po_rossii_i_sng/

34. GTX Messaging (Germany)

GTX Messaging, now a Mind CTI company, is your reliable partner for messaging in Germany. Whether Business SMS, RCS, WhatsApp or Telegram, GTX offers easy-to-use solutions and APIs. German and English speaking customer service who are happy to help
Website: https://www.gtx-messaging.com/

35. Mobizon (Brazil)

Send bulk SMS in under 3 minutes. Send to 190+ countries on direct routes, with short link tracking and fast delivery.
Website: https://mobizon.com.br/en/bulk-sms

36. MoceanSMS (Argentina)

Send Bulk SMS with dynamic sender name to all GSM networks in Argentina.
Website: https://www.moceansms.com/bulksms_argentina.php

37. Connectus (Chile, Peru Costa Rica)

Reach more people in less time in Chile, Peru and Costa Rica, regardless of location or cell phone type.
Website: https://www.connectus.cl/

38. PLDT Enterprise (Philippines)

PLDT Enterprise’s Smart Messaging Suite enables you to send high-volume SMS through an easy-to-use online account or via API or SFTP integration. You can send advisories, marketing campaigns, one-time passwords, payment reminders and transactional notifications.
Website: https://pldtenterprise.com/solutions/mobility/smart-messaging-suite

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January 18th, 2022

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