What is Your Alexa Website Reach, and How to Widen it

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Alexa website reach

Using content creation and marketing, search optimization, link acquisition strategies and so on, you can grab people elsewhere on the web by the scruff of their necks and haul them over to your website. This will improve your usual visitor and traffic metrics such as the number of uniques and pageviews. That’s website traffic, which Alexa quantifies as Global Rank and Country Rank (see How to Improve Your Alexa Ranking). But website reach is a whole different animal.

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What is Alexa Website Reach Rank?

Alexa, widely recognized as the web’s leading authority on ranking websites based on traffic, also gives you a reach ranking. The Alexa Website Reach Rank is assigned on the basis of the estimated number of people your website is able to reach, as a percentage (reach per million) or proportion of the web population.

Note that the reach ranking and your Alexa Global Rank and Country Rank typically march in formation, or are very close to each other. This is not a surprise since Alexa’s formula for calculating your Global Rank includes your daily reach plus the average page-views on your website for the past 3 months. For the Country Rank, the formula takes into consideration your daily reach plus the average page-views on your website for the past month.

For example, Alexa says that Google.com has a Global Rank of 1, Country Rank of 1 in the U.S., and a Website Reach Rank of 1. Similarly, Yahoo.com has a Global Rank, Country Rank and Reach Rank of 5, while Bing.com has a Global Rank of 14, Country Rank of 15, and Website Reach Rank of 13.

How To Widen Your Online Reach

Increasing your Alexa traffic (number of website visitors who use the Alexa toolbar) is one thing that will surely help increase your reach. There are a few more tips listed in the aforementioned article on improving your Alexa Traffic Rank. But there’s a lot more you can do to increase your online reach.

1. Advertise – When your website reach isn’t enough, you need to piggyback on other websites that have a phenomenally higher reach. Advertising on high-traffic websites will enhance your reach and help you get across to a much bigger slice of the web population. This can be through PPC campaigns on search engines (again, Google has a Reach Rank of 1, Yahoo has a rank of 5, and Bing is at 13), and/or direct banner and display ads on industry and media sites that are relevant to your business.

2. Free Media – The same concept applies here too. Your website reach isn’t good enough, so you need to make use of someone else’s reach. This may be a blog with a huge following and tons of traffic. You can write a guest post on this blog, or get the blogger to write about you. You can put out press releases and get magazines and online media websites to write about your business and website. Getting free media coverage is one of the best ways to widen your online reach almost instantly.

3. Use Social Influencers – Social media marketing is a messy affair where it’s hard to track the metrics. But one thing that works really well on social media is the use of influencers. You may have a small following on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks. But by making use of influencers in your industry with large followings, you can instantly expand your online reach to a much bigger slice of these social networks. For the record, Facebook.com has an Alexa Global Rank of 3 and a Reach Rank of 3 too. Twitter.com has a Global Rank of 8 and Reach Rank of 9.

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By Zal Dastur

August 24th, 2016

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