Automate cold calling to convert prospects into qualified leads

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Automated qualification of leads from your website and social campaigns...

In an interview with Lucep, cold calling guru Art Sobczak told us that “Talking to people is what prospecting and selling is, and that’s what the best, wealthiest salespeople do.”

Automate cold calling

A salesperson with a good competitive product should be confident that they can convert a prospect if they get a chance to speak on the phone. But all your customers these days are on Facebook, watching Youtube videos, reading email, or searching on Google for the product you sell.

How to cold call a list of these digital prospects? That’s what we’re working on - moving all the technology and platforms behind the scenes, so that Sales is only about people talking to people.

Talk to your customers on digital, when they are looking for you. Learn more:

In this post, we share with you a process to automate cold calling and convert prospects into qualified leads using sales scripting, pre-recorded phone calls and programmed voice call API providers.

1. Create cold calling scripts with an app.

There is an app that will help you create your cold calling scripts. Sales Scripter will interview you to extract the key things that should be in your sales message, scripts, and emails. It fills in a library of scripts, emails, and sales tools with your information.

We actually did a Q&A with Michael Halper, founder and CEO of SalesScripter, LLC, to find out more about this tool.


2. Dynamic call scripting.

Even if you want your sales people to make the cold calls, you can still make use of a certain amount of automation by implementing dynamic call scripting, also known as logical branch scripting.

You know all the possible responses and objections when your sales callers make that first cold call to a prospect. Create a library of all these objections, and what should your sales caller’s response be to each objection.

Once you have the entire flow of objections and responses mapped out, it will look like a tree spreading out into branches. This is your dynamic sales call script.

Your sales reps then merely have to start with an introduction, and the on-screen script tells them what to say in response to the prospect’s answer or objection.

You can do this logical branch scripting using tools such as Vanillasoft or Convoso. Learn more…

3. Automate outbound calls.

Once you have your sales and voice call scripts and templates ready, the next step is to automate the number validation and basic lead qualification. If your sales team is spending all their time on this, then they’re not really doing much selling.

Instead, use these tools to automate cold calling, the most crucial step in sales prospecting.

Lucep - Automated lead qualification via phone, SMS, email and Whatsapp. Try the live demo here at

Wideo - Fast and easy way to create pre-recorded voice call messages. Just put the text into it, and pick the kind of voice you want (male/female, country) and download the output audio file. Just like a real person talking.

Twilio - Twilio's Voice API helps you to make, receive, and monitor calls around the world. Features include programmatic call control, call queues, recordings, and conversational IVRs.

By Zal Dastur

January 21st, 2022

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