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Considering the myriad ways in which you can attract website traffic and generate leads online, it makes sense to tick “All of the Above” when it comes to digital marketing. The only thing limiting you is the amount of resources you can bring to bear for content creation and marketing. If you’re a startup like Lucep, then you have to make the most of it by picking only the channels that offer the highest ROI on smallish budgets.

This means things like a referral program, organic SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, etc. Content just happens to be the core part of all of this. Whether it’s SEO, email newsletters or SMM that you’re doing, the ROI will be a reflection of the shareability and conversion power of your content. So you need an effective content marketing strategy for generating leads online that straddles all the channels you are using to distribute your content.

Lucep’s Secret Content Marketing Sauce

We do all the usual things for marketing content that is created and published on the Lucep blog. This includes social media, guest posts, interaction with other bloggers, media partnerships and more. But the secret sauce we deploy is exclusive content that generates leads online without us having to lift a finger

Let me give you a few examples of how this works.

A) Create text images – Creating images with text in them offers a whole bunch of benefits. For example, we just published a post on marketing ROI. That post has an image of stacks of coins with the word “Return on Investment” emblazoned on it.

Marketing ROI

Apart from being used as an image for the blog post, we also upload all these text images we create on Flickr, under a creative commons license that requires attribution. So anyone using the image has to link back to the Lucep website, which means our link building process keeps running on auto-pilot, even when we don’t do anything.

This process is also applicable to PowerPoint presentations, which we convert into videos on Youtube. Also, we use the same images and videos on social media every now and then, whenever we post or tweet something related to the keyword in the image. It’s no secret that social media posts with images or videos in them get a lot more clicks and shares than those which are just text.

B) Interviews with experts – Instead of trying to pretend to be an expert on every keyword that is of use to Lucep (cold calling, sales tools, prospecting, etc.), we actually take the trouble to get in touch with real experts on that topic and ask them the right questions that we (and you) want answers to.

So we get expert and exclusive content that is useful and interesting to our readers. It also helps position Lucep as experts by association. But the key benefit is that we don’t have to market it. The interviewee is usually inclined to share it on their website, blog, social media and newsletters.

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The benefits from this amplification is priceless. You cannot create this kind of content and exposure by yourself, and it would take a huge marketing budget to achieve the same results through a paid campaign.

C) Landing page campaigns – The problem with a lot of websites that have a high bounce rate is that they hit the visitor straight away with a decision – “Buy Now!” or keep moving. This means that you lose 97-98% of your visitors that don’t buy (assuming a standard 2-3% conversion rate).

This is where you need to funnel traffic into landing pages that provide some value to website visitors, and separate those who are your potential customers from the usual riff-raff who are just browsing without any intent or interest.

For example, take a look at the Lucep website performance analysis tool. On the face of it, it’s just a tool that takes your email, and ranks your website based on traffic, page loading time and other pertinent factors, and also gives you a side-by-side comparison of your site’s performance against that of your competitors.

Anyone who enters their email into the tool automatically becomes a Lucep lead, and it doesn’t need any marketing to be done by us. Think about what we have now after thousands of people have entered their emails to evaluate their websites. We have a huge list of emails of people who own or run websites, and are interested in how well it is performing. That’s the exact kind of person who is a potential Lucep customer, so we have a growing list of leads that we can chase. The best part is that the only effort required on our part was to create this landing page.

Bottomline – Create exclusive content that doesn’t need any marketing in order for it to generate leads online. It’s easier for you, doesn’t require a marketing budget, and will produce a better ROI than any other marketing campaign you can run.

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