10 car sales tips to generate more test drives on digital

How fast is your website? A potential car buyer is lost every time a page takes over 3 seconds to load.

Make your digital content mobile friendly. Over 60% of automotive searches come from mobile.

Respond instantly to your web leads. 61% of customers made their decision after the 1st test ride.

Automate scheduling of test drives. Give the customer a form to schedule the test drive - at home, office or at the dealership.

Is your test drive Covid-proof? Mention that the vehicle is fully sanitized every time, and the sales executive will observe safety measures.

You must create car sales videos. More than 40% of shoppers who watch a car / truck video will then visit a dealership.

Highlight deals and promotions. Festival offers tend to boost sales by at least 10-13%.

Create your Google Business listing. Your dealership shows up as a local business on the first page of search results for the most common car sales queries.

Run social media campaigns. Facebook Lead Ads form fills are an effective way to collect automotive leads and convert them into test drives.

What is generating your test drives? Use analytics and collect feedback from customers to know what is working, and do more of the same.

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