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Implement Free Call Back on Your Website

Find out how implementing free call back on your website will help improve key marketing metrics and help move leads from marketing to sales.

B2B Sales Tips – Pros and Cons of Outbound vs Inbound Marketing

Dragon Law themselves has been using effective outbound techniques that Sarah Hales describes in this video and interview transcript.

Callback Customers Using a Call Back Tool on Your Website

Using a callback tool on your website gives you the ability to convert leads from your site into customers.

Interview With Sales Call Expert Claude Whitacre

Sales expert and author of One Call Closing Claude Whitacre talks about sales calls, prospecting techniques, and selling tips.

Request a Callback Tool vs Website Form

A common call to action (CTA) on websites is Request a Callback. You can use a callback tool or a website form. Which is better?

Who is Your Target Market – Consumer, SME or Enterprise?

Video clip shows Lucep Director for Marketing & Sales Zal Dastur asking this question, and the response from the panel of sales experts.

Expert Tips to Manage Your Sales Process

Lucep brings you sales tips and best practices from experts to help you manage your sales process.

Sales Enablement Tips to Maintain Consistency

Let's take a crack at defining sales enablement before we get started on the tips.

How to Manage Your Sales Team

Manage your sales team with an effective lead management tool, that helps in creating a stream of high qualified leads.

Align Marketing and Sales by Defining Qualified Leads – MQLS and SQLs

hy leads definition is important for your organization, and how to align sales and marketing's definition of sales qualified leads.

How to Set Up An Instant Lead Response System

Our instant lead response system helps to connect with your leads with in 5 minutes. Which increases the odds of creating qualified leads by times.

What is Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing is an expansion of modern and traditional marketing strategies with a view to optimize communication between companies brand and stakeholders.