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How to Automate Prospecting Using Lead Generation Software

I want to show you how to automate prospecting using lead generation software. What can you automate using sales software and tools?

Implement Free Call Back on Your Website

Find out how implementing free call back on your website will help improve key marketing metrics and help move leads from marketing to sales.

B2B Sales Tips – Pros and Cons of Outbound vs Inbound Marketing

Dragon Law themselves has been using effective outbound techniques that Sarah Hales describes in this video and interview transcript.

Callback Customers Using a Call Back Tool on Your Website

Using a callback tool on your website gives you the ability to convert leads from your site into customers.

Interview With Sales Call Expert Claude Whitacre

Sales expert and author of One Call Closing Claude Whitacre talks about sales calls, prospecting techniques, and selling tips.

Case Studies – PPC vs Pay Per Call Web to Phone Analysis

Pay per call case studies that show how adding a click to call widget on a website page increases lead generation and conversion rates.

How to Build Your Sales Stack

I'm going to show you how to build your sales stack, and highlight all the places where Lucep fits into the stack.

Request a Callback Tool vs Website Form

A common call to action (CTA) on websites is Request a Callback. You can use a callback tool or a website form. Which is better?

Cracking Enterprise Sales – How to Meet Decision Makers and Manage Complex Sales Cycles

In this video, Puneet Chhahira, Infosys Finacle, EdgeVerve, talks about how to approach enterprise sales and get through to decision makers.

Social Media Marketing Tips – How to Go From 0 to 6 Million Followers

Social media marketing tips video from a startup whose following ballooned from 0 to over 3 million each on Twitter and Facebook.

Click to Call Sales Tools and Techniques for Websites

Instead of pounding website visitors with ads, give them useful content and talk to them using click to call sales tools and techniques.

Callback Cost vs Website Marketing ROI

The title - callback cost vs website marketing - may sound promotional since Lucep is a callback tool. But you need to read this.