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Effortless Click to Call Improves Customer Satisfaction, Conversion Rate and Analytics

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Before looking at how a click to call tool helps improve customer satisfaction and conversion rate optimization, it may be helpful to look at why it’s even an option. The reality is that it [...]

Best Click to Call Option For Website Marketing

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Website conversion rates typically range in between 2-3%. On the other hand, the conversion rates for inbound phone leads are closer to 50%. BIA/Kelsey has even predicted that inbound sales calls are set to more [...]

Cheap Click to Call Provides A Huge Marketing ROI

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One of the good things about website marketing is that it's constantly evolving at a furious pace to keep up with new technologies and innovations. Sitewide banner impressions gave way to contextual pay per [...]

Simple Click to Call Solution for Small Business Websites

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Click to call is typically a web to phone solution. It allows a website visitor to connect with you in real time, or at least instantly, simply by clicking a button, text (phone number, [...]