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7 gamification strategies used by high-performing sales teams

Healthy competition among your sales force is a great way to incentivize performance and reward success. Companies of all sizes from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises use Lucep to motivate their sales teams. In this blog, we’ve included seven gamification strategies used by high-performing sales teams. Based on our experience, and that of our [...]

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10 Enterprise Sales Tips from Top Sales Coaches

Lucep drives enterprise sales and customer engagement for the world's largest companies in financial services, healthcare and some who are in the business of government. Our sales team members are expected to converse intelligently with the departmental heads of these corporations. To get that kind of learning, we turn to top sales coaches who are [...]

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Lucep PlugandPlaying Into Verticals

Lucep recently got entry into two separate accelerator programs in different verticals, but with a common thread - the PlugAndPlay Accelerator. First, we got into Startup Autobahn, which is an automotive technology innovation program created as a partnership between Daimler and Plug and Play. The other one is our recent selection into the PlugAndPlay Accelerator's first [...]

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Sales Manager Job Description – 10 Attributes for Success

As part of our plan for global expansion, Lucep has opened new offices and putting out sales jobs vacancies for locations across North America and Asia-Pacific. Coming up with the right job descriptions for different job roles from sales managers to customer service reps, developers and software analysts was more time-consuming than anticipated. I'm just putting [...]

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AI and Machine Learning Startups Taking Over Sales Technology

As an AI startup, Lucep has been nominated for and won awards as a disruptive startup as well as for the technology platform we have developed. Now we want to give back some of that recognition to other innovative technologies that we like, by naming sales technology startups that are creating some buzz this [...]

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15 Slack Apps for Sales Team Collaboration

Slacking is now more of an adjective, and your startup is missing out on a lot of productivity and fun if you are not using Slack. To make it an even more powerful platform for sales team collaboration, you can add these 25 Slack apps to keep your team from slacking off. Sales [...]

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Sales Software for Financial Advisors

Do you know where you rank, in terms of the financial services industry average for lead generation and conversion rates? The conversion rate for financial services websites are among the highest, with an average of around 10%. If you're converting less than 10%, then you can do more to improve the returns you get from [...]

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The Conflict Between HR and Sales Managers

This post may seem like it's about limiting the role of HR in enabling sales, but it's more about HR and Sales managers working together to define your perfect sales force. HR implements the policies that decide the output and productivity required of each role. They want a clearly defined framework which promotes employee well-being [...]

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How Salesforce and Hubspot Grew Their Sales Force

The difference between your sales force and other employees is that others are hired to keep up with growth, while your sales force is the one that provides that growth. That frees CEOs and sales managers from worrying about how big your sales organization should be. But there are established best practices about how to [...]

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25 Sales Enablement Apps That Will Skyrocket Your Sales

We’ve taken a stab at defining sales enablement. Now I want to take it one step further and provide you some of that enablement at your fingertips. Take a look at these 25 sales enablement apps. They’re sorted under sales gamification, content, training and coaching, and analytics.   1. Sales gamification apps. A LevelEleven survey [...]

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