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How to Manage Your Sales Team

The two main approaches to sales team management are activity- and results-based management. CEOs and sales managers will lean towards a results-oriented approach, but your sales representatives will be happier fulfilling the activities you hand out to them. Regardless of how you choose to manage your sales team, what you need after that is: A) [...]

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How to Set Up An Instant Lead Response System

If you’re responding to sales leads manually, an instant response that helps you close the deal right away is a home run. You want to hit every ball out of the park, but it’s not going to happen. Unless, that is, you start using an instant lead response system. Before getting to the how [...]

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How to Shorten Lead Response Time

One of the key components of your lead management system or process is the way you respond to leads. The ideal lead response time varies by industry, but the benefits of fast response (relative to the competition) are pretty much universal. Studies published by Insidesales.com and HBR show that response within 5 minutes means [...]

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