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Posts about lead tracking and traffic analytics to increase qualified lead generation and conversion rates.

Recapture Leads Lost Due to Missed Calls from Online Buyers

Depending on which business you're in, anywhere between 38% to 60% of the calls you get are from people who want to know your business hours. This according to the Google-Ipsos study on the impact of Click to Call on mobile search users. The study also says that one of the main reasons that 54% [...]

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Tracking Twitter Metrics Through CRM Integration and Google Analytics

http://start.lucep.com/crm The biggest problem with social media marketing is that it's hard to measure the returns. In fact, let's forget about how to measure ROI from social media. How many businesses even know what are the metrics you should measure? So let's take this in a step by step manner. In this CRM guide, you'll [...]

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Top 5 Dedicated Real Estate CRM Solutions

If you’re doing well in the real estate business, then you know how little time you have to manage leads and keep track of all your contacts, listings, CMAs, escrow, all the paperwork, scheduled meetings, followups, and the current status of each and every deal you have in the works. If a spreadsheet is not [...]

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How to Set Up An Instant Lead Response System

If you’re responding to sales leads manually, an instant response that helps you close the deal right away is a home run. You want to hit every ball out of the park, but it’s not going to happen. Unless, that is, you start using an instant lead response system. Before getting to the how [...]

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Guide to Getting your First Lead Tracking Software

The fact that you're looking for lead tracking software is a good thing. It means your business is growing fast enough that you are not able to keep track of every lead manually. But before you start deciding what to download, install or buy, take a step back to consider the goals. The primary [...]

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