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How to get instant notifications from FormStack with Lucep

Formstack is a great hosted form building solution. They make it easy to create everything from simple lead forms, to complex forms with branching logic. This is incredibly useful when capturing data from prospects or customers - but what happens when you need someone to respond to this information instantly? Lucep's integrations can help [...]

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Astrology websites align your stars with Lucep and talk to your customers

You find the correct alignment between the moon and the stars for the people who come to you for help. Likewise, you also need to find out the perfect alignment between various automation tools and your website, so that your customers can find their way to your site and talk to you on the phone. [...]

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How to Sell More Cars Using Lucep

Many automotive dealers run click to call campaigns now instead of the usual PPC ads, mainly because it’s a highly competitive segment where you must talk to car buyers first - before any other dealer, and get the buyer to come down to see you in person before they visit any other showroom. An estimated [...]

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Lucep Survey – Ease of Use Tops Factors Important For Adoption of New Sales Management Tools

As a sales organization, we're always looking at ways to find new keys that will unlock a flood of leads and sales revenue. As a SaaS company whose customer profile includes SaaS providers, we also want to know what factors are important for our customers considering adoption of new sales management tools. An Access Group [...]

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Mystery Shopping Experiment – How SaaS Companies Respond to Leads

Researchers from the IBD program at UC Berkeley, California did some market research for us last year. One section of the report they submitted included the results of a mystery shopping experiment conducted to find out how SaaS companies respond to inbound leads. The research team signed up for free trials with six of the [...]

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UC Berkeley Prof Wasim Azhar on Why Sales Force Segmentation is Important

In this post, I'm going to share with you some data and ideas on the importance of sales force segmentation and the factors on which this segmentation usually occurs. This from a market study report provided to us by a research team from the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, and Professor Wasim Azhar, a [...]

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Lucep Survey – CEOs and Sales Managers on The Importance of Fast Lead Response

I want to share with you some of the quotes provided to us by CEOs and sales managers as part of a market study of the sales processes of companies in the B2B and SaaS areas. This lead response study was conducted for Lucep by researchers from the IBD program at the Haas School of [...]

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How to Get Fast Support to Improve Your Lead Conversion Rate

In this article, I’m going to highlight the importance of fast support for improving your lead conversion rate. We’ll look at the ‘Why, Who and How’ of fast lead response, starting with the why part - Why is instant response or fast support important when it comes to sales? Importance of Fast Support in [...]

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LiveChat Bots vs Human Response to Leads

One of the things we’re proud of about Lucep is that it’s an engine with a warm and fuzzy human heart. Yes, it automates your website marketing, but it actually helps your sales team speak person-to-person with more of your website visitors. This very real and instant human lead response, as opposed to a [...]

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Why Help Leads Instead of Selling to Them

One of the things we do regularly on this blog is to seek out sales experts and ask them for tips, solutions and best practices for common challenges and sales processes. One such topic that gets covered a lot is lead generation, management and conversions. This covers everything from prospecting tips and tools to [...]

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