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WordPress plugins for marketers

I spend a significant amount of time every day using Wordpress. The biggest advantage is that there are plugins for everything - over 55,100 of them as of date. You don't have to worry about whether a tool, software or script you need will work with your Wordpress site. It works,  because every web application [...]

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7 CEO Blog Themes from Letters to Lethal Generosity

As the chief executive officer of your company, it falls upon you to convey to your employees, customers, shareholders and other interested stakeholders what it is that you want them to do - to execute. Having your own blog is the perfect medium to disseminate these executive instructions, the company's mission and your vision on [...]

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Three 3-Letter Mantras to Generate More B2B Leads From Your Blog

A mantra by definition is something like a charm. You keep repeating and it works every time. If you have a B2B business blog which generates leads, follow these three 3-letter mantras which will generate more and more leads, every time you use them. B2B The focus of a B2C blog targeting consumers is far [...]

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5 B2B Tips for creating a marketable website

If you have a business website, you'd like to see more visitors, more leads generated and more conversions. This requires a marketable website, which raises the question of what makes it more marketable. Let's take a look at a few of the prominent B2B solution provider websites that attract an indecently large amount of traffic [...]

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