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This tag is focused on helping B2B companies improve their online sales. With tips and advice on how companies can increase their sales pipeline and generate more revenue from the internet. This is very important for all of our customers.

Calculate and Show B2B ROI to the C Suite

“A moment of truth is when you are faced with a choice of doing something in your favor or the client’s favor. If you choose the client’s best interest over your own, you pass a moment of truth.” - Author and sales expert Jeff Beals When it comes to B2B marketing to the C Suite, [...]

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Sales Manager Job Description – 10 Attributes for Success

As part of our plan for global expansion, Lucep has opened new offices and putting out sales jobs vacancies for locations across North America and Asia-Pacific. Coming up with the right job descriptions for different job roles from sales managers to customer service reps, developers and software analysts was more time-consuming than anticipated. I'm just putting [...]

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Want to break into a specific B2B market? Here’s how…

Lucep is in the business of selling a B2B sales tool, so we basically have to convince every client that we know how to help them sell more, and get more leads and conversions from their existing lead generation channels. Since we respond to requests for callbacks from hundreds of businesses from all parts of [...]

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Top 5 Selling Tools for Car Dealerships

Why are we talking about selling cars on a B2B sales blog? That’s because Lucep has been advised to focus on a few selected verticals such as car dealerships. This from a research team from the IBD program at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, whom we called in to conduct a study about [...]

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Video – Startup Sales Tips – How to Get Your First Paying Customers

As part of an effort to better understand and help leads instead of selling to them, Lucep has been organizing a series of ‘Sales for Startups’ events in different markets. We bring together a panel of sales and industry experts, who talk about their experiences and offer sales tips to the audience, and also [...]

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B2B Sales Tips for New Startups

We regularly engage with sales experts on this blog and the offline ‘Sales for Startups’ events that Lucep hosts in our different markets. Each of these interactions and events invariably produces a few gems of information that are highly useful for people in sales. At one such startup event, our panel of sales experts [...]

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B2B Sales Tips – Pros and Cons of Outbound vs Inbound Marketing

Salespeople are the source for key insights into what the customers need and want at different stages of their buying journey. While in inbound, the sales people along with marketing, can come up with powerful content to be put in front of their customers, displaying the ability to help leads instead of selling to [...]

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Cracking Enterprise Sales – How to Meet Decision Makers and Manage Complex Sales Cycles

Enterprise sales is far easier now with social CRMs and everyone from CEOs to purchase managers and sales reps connected to each other on the same social platforms. But technology can only get you so far - like a foot in the door. It can't help you close enterprise deals with complex sales cycles [...]

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