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This tag is about how B2B companies can improve their marketing. This can be both online and offline marketing as well as other aveneues that businesses can use to increase their customer’s awareness.

Leverage B2B Marketing Automation for Maximum Impact

The thing about automating your marketing process is that any one tool can't function alone by itself. Automating social postings without automating the lead generation process is a waste. Getting sales leads into your inbox is a waste if you don't act on it instantly, for which you need an instant notification and lead response [...]

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5 Mantras of B2B Inbound Marketing

When it comes to B2B inbound marketing, the two things you need are social shares and a steady flow of relevant traffic to your website. It's easy to get website traffic, but not so easy to make it convert. Similarly, it's easy to get social shares, but converting them into clicks and leads is difficult. [...]

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Is AI Essential for Account-Based Marketing?

According to a Demandbase study on the use of artificial intelligence in account based marketing, only 10% of marketers are using it. This despite the fact that 80% of the respondents said they think AI will revolutionize marketing. AI for ABM is an idea whose time has come, but the devil is in the details. [...]

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Proven Elements of B2B C-Suite Marketing

Getting a meeting with C-Suite executives is hard enough, but walking out of that meeting with a request for a proposal is even harder. Closing the deal is best not discussed at this point, but there are certain proven elements of B2B C-Suite marketing. Finding the right decision maker: When it comes B2B marketing, one [...]

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How to avoid marketing fatigue for email, cold calling and content

Whichever your industry, there's a finite limit to the number of B2B connections you can make. After some time, the leads are harder to come by and you have to focus more on customer marketing and branding to keep yourself on the radar of your B2B buyers. This is where marketing fatigue sets in, and [...]

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How to Quickly Engage Your Customers

Engaging customers on all channels that they are present on is one of the new realities of online marketing. You have to engage your customers on your website, social media, email, by phone, in person, through referrals, influencers, events and all other such channels. Listed below are 5 quick ways that will help you quickly [...]

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CRM Marketing Automation to Streamline Lead Management

Every sales organization, big or small, typically begins their journey of automation by adopting a CRM. However, CRM is not marketing automation by itself. It’s a tool to store, access, distribute and manage lead data. It's not a magic wand that generates leads and converts them into sales revenue, and the data still has to [...]

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Marketing Strategies to Reach Customers Who Don’t Know They Need You

Not everybody that needs your product knows about your business, or even that it exists. If everyone knew, you would probably have been busy with all of them right now, instead of reading this article trying to figure out marketing strategies to reach customers who don’t know you. The problem here is [...]

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SaaS Click to Call Service for Website Marketing

By implementing a click to call service on  your website, you are making it fairly effortless for your sales and support teams to talk to your customers. It is fairly straightforward for you to set up this kind of system on your website, or on any other device for that matter. A question that [...]

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