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Getting No Conversions From Your Website?

We've been doing some marketing outreach recently on platforms such as Shopify and Wordpress where we can find lots of potential Lucep clients - people with new or existing websites who are not getting enough leads and conversions from their websites. One question that many users of these eCommerce and blogging platforms have is that [...]

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Who is Your Target Market – Consumer, SME or Enterprise?

One of the things we do on this Lucep blog is to increase engagement through target marketing. You will find many articles on the blog about this process, including the importance of engaging content and the process of creating a content plan for your website. If you read the aforementioned two articles, one common [...]

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Easy Click to Call and More Tools to Build Website Traffic

The beauty of the web is that the next stage of innovation and technological advancements is necessitated by the excessive growth of the previous phase. The reference here is that the increasing popularity of easy click to call is caused by the massive growth of pay per click ads on the web. These ads [...]

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Your Website Marketing Goals

With numbers like these, you’re going to be left behind if you don't jump on the website marketing train. But before you start, take some time to set the goals for website marketing. The success of all the decisions and plans you have in your marketing plan depends heavily on the goals set by [...]

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Sales Tools for Conversion Rate Optimization

IBM Tealeaf, a leading provider of digital customer experience management and customer behavior analysis solutions, revealed in a tweet that companies spend $92 attracting a customer to their website for every $1 spent converting them once they are on the site. This disparity, and the fact that 96-97% of website traffic typically will not [...]

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3 Lead Conversion Triggers From SEO Experts

1. Psychological Trigger The best way to convert a large chunk of your leads is by educating your customers as much as possible. People tend to migrate to the easiest option available to achieve the desired result. You can feed this psychological trigger by creating an easy-to-follow framework for your website audience to follow, [...]

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Lucep Traffic Analytics vs Google Analytics

It’s hard to rank popular Google products and tools used by hundreds of millions of people and businesses all over the world. But let’s take a stab at it. There’s Google Search, which is generating 56,433 searches per second even as I write this. Then there’s Gmail, Chrome, Google Drive, Google+, Android OS, Google Analytics, [...]

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Dramatically Improve Your Google PageSpeed Score by Using One File

PageSpeed Insights is one of Google's more evangelistic pursuits to “Make the Web Faster.” It started off as a simple enough exercise – type in your URL, and the tool will give you a score (out of 100) based on your website's speed and usability, along with suggested fixes. What is PageSpeed Insights and [...]

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How to Optimize Website Images

The functionality and quality of websites has improved a lot over the past few years with the arrival of new web technologies and content management systems. But even as you are able to present sharper and larger images, charts, presentations and other multimedia and data on your webpages, the size of websites has also bloated [...]

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How to Improve Your Google Insights PageSpeed Score

You are likely here because you put your website through Lucep's Website Performance Checking tool, looked at your Google Insights PageSpeed Score, and the thought crossed your mind that the score (and your website) could use some improvement. Faster loading websites offer a better user experience, and even a small improvement in page loading speed [...]

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