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7 gamification strategies used by high-performing sales teams

Healthy competition among your sales force is a great way to incentivize performance and reward success. Companies of all sizes from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises use Lucep to motivate their sales teams. In this blog, we’ve included seven gamification strategies used by high-performing sales teams. Based on our experience, and that of our [...]

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10 Enterprise Sales Tips from Top Sales Coaches

Lucep drives enterprise sales and customer engagement for the world's largest companies in financial services, healthcare and some who are in the business of government. Our sales team members are expected to converse intelligently with the departmental heads of these corporations. To get that kind of learning, we turn to top sales coaches who are [...]

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Case Study – Automotive Dealership Increases Sales by 100 Percent

Don’t be surprised if your car buying and selling process is soon powered by Lucep technology. Lucep (lucep.com) is working closely with an auto industry leader to power their dealerships with customer engagement solutions that helps them sell more cars. One automotive dealership who started using Lucep on their website saw the leads generated jump [...]

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Insurance Sales Enablement by Channel

This is a followup to the insurance survey results we published earlier this month about digital channels and the role of the agent. In that post, we explored the top 5 channels that carriers have on their website, and how the agent's role has changed into that of an advisor focused on the stage where [...]

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5 Mantras of B2B Inbound Marketing

When it comes to B2B inbound marketing, the two things you need are social shares and a steady flow of relevant traffic to your website. It's easy to get website traffic, but not so easy to make it convert. Similarly, it's easy to get social shares, but converting them into clicks and leads is difficult. [...]

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