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Emotional Connection to Purchase Decisions, and Two Chickens

One of the biggest challenges that small startups face in competitive segments with large established players, such as the U.S. SaaS segment, is to be able to project a strong brand image that is on par with that of a large and established company. Lucep provides a strong value proposition to small sales teams in [...]

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Call Center Dialer Software For Inside Sales Teams

A lead called within 5 minutes of requesting information is over 10 times more likely to answer, and is 4 times more likely to qualify as opposed to leads called in half an hour. But you can’t provide this kind of instant response for the volume of queries handled by a call center team... unless [...]

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CRM Marketing Automation to Streamline Lead Management

Every sales organization, big or small, typically begins their journey of automation by adopting a CRM. However, CRM is not marketing automation by itself. It’s a tool to store, access, distribute and manage lead data. It's not a magic wand that generates leads and converts them into sales revenue, and the data still has to [...]

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Marketing Strategies to Reach Customers Who Don’t Know They Need You

Not everybody that needs your product knows about your business, or even that it exists. If everyone knew, you would probably have been busy with all of them right now, instead of reading this article trying to figure out marketing strategies to reach customers who don’t know you. The problem here is [...]

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GetSiteControl Callback Widget Alternatives for WordPress Blogs

Change before you have to - Jack Welch GetSiteControl is a one stop destination for all your web optimization needs. By installing it on your website you can very easily add or remove widgets. It’s believed to have a significant effect on engaging website visitors, eventually increasing conversions for the website. But like a [...]

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Implement Free Call Back on Your Website

You have read a lot on this blog recently about click to call and callback solutions. We have also tackled tricky marketing issues such as how to calculate marketing ROI, your customer acquisition costs, lifetime value, and also creating service level agreements (SLAs) between your Sales and Marketing teams to define marketing qualified leads [...]

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How to Automate Prospecting Using Lead Generation Software

We talk to a lot of sales experts, and invariably ask them for tips and advice that might help you be more successful in sales and selling. One of the common threads that has popped up in these conversations is about prospecting - how to generate more leads, build a sustainable sales pipeline, and [...]

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Callback Customers Using a Call Back Tool on Your Website

Being last, while thriving to survive among the fittest is a pitiful sight. By coming last you not only miss out on a horde of opportunities, you also have to live with the constant fear of suddenly being evicted out of the business game any moment.  "If you are weaker player, it's going to [...]

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Request a Callback Tool vs Website Form

Lucep - Website form to phone - Free trial One very common call to action (CTA) that businesses use a lot on their website is “Request a Callback.” Lucep has written previously about why your website visitors may not be contacting you. One of these reasons is that buyers don’t want to be the caller. [...]

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Case Studies – PPC vs Pay Per Call Web to Phone Analysis

As a click to call back tool for websites, Lucep is deeply interested in introducing the web to phone concept to marketers and businesses who want to talk to their online customers. That's why we're looking at web to phone case studies and analysis that show the dramatic difference between PPC and pay per [...]

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