WordPress plugins for marketers

I spend a significant amount of time every day using Wordpress. The biggest advantage is that there are plugins for everything - over 55,100 of them as of date. You don't have to worry about whether a tool, software or script you need will work with your Wordpress site. It works,  because every web application [...]

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How to Write Electronic Direct Mailers

Lucep has recently added some exciting new features, as a result of which we're doing some experimentation with EDM campaigns. In this post, I'm going to share this experience on how to write electronic direct mailers that will give you an instant response by email, via social media, or even on the phone. There [...]

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Top 50 Martech Blogs and Influencers

Since Lucep is a marketing automation platform that spans the divide between lead generation and response, we also develop engagements with marketing technology experts. We read all these marketing technology blogs, company resource sections and news magazines to pick the best ideas and trends we can find, to stay ahead of the curve and keep [...]

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Leverage B2B Marketing Automation for Maximum Impact

The thing about automating your marketing process is that any one tool can't function alone by itself. Automating social postings without automating the lead generation process is a waste. Getting sales leads into your inbox is a waste if you don't act on it instantly, for which you need an instant notification and lead response [...]

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Content Curation Best Practices From Pawan Deshpande, CEO, Curata

Pawan Deshpande is founder and CEO of content curation and marketing platform Curata, Inc. Before founding Curata, Pawan has held software engineering and research positions at Microsoft and Google, in between research done at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). He holds several patents in areas such as social networking and machine [...]

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How call to chat can anchor your B2B business

There's a vast difference between B2C e-commerce sales and generating B2B business online on your website. The latter requires your pages to provide in-depth information that explains your business, product, brand and its applications and implementation. The detailed knowledge base is good for SEO purposes, but it not so good for conversions because people tend [...]

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Proven Elements of B2B C-Suite Marketing

Getting a meeting with C-Suite executives is hard enough, but walking out of that meeting with a request for a proposal is even harder. Closing the deal is best not discussed at this point, but there are certain proven elements of B2B C-Suite marketing. Finding the right decision maker: When it comes B2B marketing, one [...]

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Missed opportunities in your B2B marketing

B2B marketing is far more targeted and personalized as compared to casting a wide net to attract consumers and end users. You may be getting leads from advertising, cold calls to businesses in your niche, and through field sales agents in your city who go around visiting prospects in person. But this niche B2B marketing [...]

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How to avoid marketing fatigue for email, cold calling and content

Whichever your industry, there's a finite limit to the number of B2B connections you can make. After some time, the leads are harder to come by and you have to focus more on customer marketing and branding to keep yourself on the radar of your B2B buyers. This is where marketing fatigue sets in, and [...]

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What is Blogging ROI? Traffic, Conversions and Influencer Engagement

Before we get to the part about figuring out the traffic and conversions from your blog, you need to know what is that you're trying to achieve from the efforts spent. You could be looking to generate more traffic and leads online, you can use it for outreach efforts on social media, to engage influencers, [...]

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