Integration APIs for:

✅ Website forms, social leads and email to CRM
✅ Mobile apps to sales / service teams
✅ Digital leads to Call center

Get Lucep Omnichannel integration APIs for lead capture and distribution.

Lucep smart lead distribution

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Zapier vs Lucep

ID Features Zapier Lucep
1 Integration with CRM and contact center systems.
2 Integration with Facebook Lead Ad campaigns, website forms, and email.
3 Conditional workflows
4 Lead distribution.
5 Marketing automation.
6 Analytics for sales executive and dealership performance.

Lucep features - Convert more enquiries into test drives

Integration with Facebook ad campaigns and website forms.

Automate lead distribution.

Instant lead response.

Monitor sales executive and dealership performance.

Post-interaction surveys.

10 reasons why Lucep is a better car sales app.

1. Omnichannel lead acquisition - Send leads from website, social media and other digital channels straight to the right dealership and sales executives.

2. Integration - Integrate Lucep with your existing systems to avoid manual entry of new enquiries.

3. Reduce lead response time - Reduce lead response time from auto industry average of over 60 hours to less than 6 minutes.

4. First contact rate - 62% of customers give their business to the sales representative who responds first. Make sure your sales executives are the ones who respond first.

5. Enquiry data - Traffic analytics and product / service required data that helps qualify and convert more leads.

6. Align marketing and sales - Real-time feedback about calls made by sales executives helps your marketing team learn which campaigns are converting into more enquiries, test drives and bookings.

7. Lead tracking - Real-time lead tracking with dashboard reports for individual sales executives, dealerships and the entire network.

8. Contact center - Use Lucep to qualify leads through your contact center before distributing to individual dealerships and sales executives.

9. Gamification - Create groups of sales executives using Lucep car sales app to gamify against those not using it.

10. Trusted by

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