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Every Minute Matters

Digital leads

100x more likely to connect to a lead within 5 mins vs 30 mins

Prospects engaged instantly

Prospects engaged instantly are more likely to be qualified into leads

Instant notifications

Notify agents as soon as a lead is raised across any digital channel

Connect your agent

Gamify the sales process to get agents to contact customers within minutes

Turn Agents into Digital Marketers

Digital leads

Push approved and relevant content directly to agents

Prospects engaged instantly

Agents add their own personalised lead generation forms to the content

Instant notifications

Agents share customized URLs on their social networks to generate leads

Connect your agent

Leads are pushed directly to the agents mobile phones for instant engagement

Instant notifications

The Lucep Platform

Increase ROI

Increase ROI from Digital Marketing

Faster response times mean higher conversion rates. Optimize marketing campaigns based on real-time feedback from agents

Integration with FB

Integrate with FB and Instagram Lead Ads

Reduce manual effort and processing time by directly integrating to social media ad platforms to push leads to agents instantly

Smart Lead Distribution

Smart Lead Distribution

Automate labour intensive lead distribution by distributing leads to specific groups of agents based on business criteria Learn more...

Digital Transformation

Uberize the Sales Process

Agents compete to claim leads and if they don’t contact customers in time, leads are redistributed

Digital Transformation

Turn Social Networks Into Lead Engines

Incentivize agents to generate leads from their social networks using brand approved content or relevant content found online

Integration with FB

Real-time Performance Tracking

Track sales performance analytics such as claim time, contact time and the status of the lead in real time. Agent performance is also be benchmarked against their peers

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Actionable Data

Up to the minute reporting on the effectiveness of your marketing and sales agents to make crucial decisions that impact your sales revenue

Give Your Sales Team The Lucep Advantage

83% Higher First Contact Rate

56% Increase In First Meeting Rate

200% Increase in Total Conversion


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