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25 Sales Enablement Apps That Will Skyrocket Your Sales

We’ve taken a stab at defining sales enablement. Now I want to take it one step further and provide you some of that enablement at your fingertips. Take a look at these 25 sales enablement apps. They’re sorted under sales gamification, content, training and coaching, and analytics.   1. Sales gamification apps. A LevelEleven survey [...]

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Sales Pitch Interview With Michael Halper

Michael Halper is the founder and CEO of SalesScripter, LLC, a web-based application that will help you develop your sales playbook. Learning from the telesales operation for which he made cold calls for clients, Michael developed the SalesScripter platform to automate the process of taking clients through a series of questions to come up with [...]

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Interview With Sales Call Expert Claude Whitacre

Your customers are waiting. Talk to them - Free trial   Claude Whitacre is a sales expert, speaker at industry conventions and trade shows, and author of multiple top selling books on sales prospecting, cold calling, small business advertising, and more. He has been in sales for nearly 40 years, and has broken company [...]

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Case Studies – PPC vs Pay Per Call Web to Phone Analysis

As a click to call back tool for websites, Lucep is deeply interested in introducing the web to phone concept to marketers and businesses who want to talk to their online customers. That's why we're looking at web to phone case studies and analysis that show the dramatic difference between PPC and pay per [...]

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Simple Click to Call Solution for Small Business Websites

Click to call is typically a web to phone solution. It allows a website visitor to connect with you in real time, or at least instantly, simply by clicking a button, text (phone number, “call now”, etc.) or image on a web page. For example, Lucep’s simple click to call technology asks a website [...]

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Get Better Results From Your Phone Calls

For most salespeople the part they hate the most about their job is cold-calling. This is when you call some unsuspecting person and try to explain to them how your product is going to revolutionize their life. It is really the most fundamental and basic concept in sales, find someone who does not know about [...]

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