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How to get the most out of every phone call your team makes, this covers cold calling as well as inside sales and boosting conversion rates of phone calls when you respond to customers requests

Recapture Leads Lost Due to Missed Calls from Online Buyers

Depending on which business you're in, anywhere between 38% to 60% of the calls you get are from people who want to know your business hours. This according to the Google-Ipsos study on the impact of Click to Call on mobile search users. The study also says that one of the main reasons that 54% [...]

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Knowlarity Cloud Telephony Review

Knowlarity is a cloud telephony provider that has focused on reducing the number of touchpoints between you and your customer. These services are too often thought of as just customer interaction tools, but they go far deeper with advanced reporting and customer insights that will help you increase conversions. If you're missing sales calls, losing [...]

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Call Center Dialer Software For Inside Sales Teams

A lead called within 5 minutes of requesting information is over 10 times more likely to answer, and is 4 times more likely to qualify as opposed to leads called in half an hour. But you can’t provide this kind of instant response for the volume of queries handled by a call center team... unless [...]

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Interview With Sales Call Expert Claude Whitacre

Your customers are waiting. Talk to them - Free trial   Claude Whitacre is a sales expert, speaker at industry conventions and trade shows, and author of multiple top selling books on sales prospecting, cold calling, small business advertising, and more. He has been in sales for nearly 40 years, and has broken company [...]

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Case Studies – PPC vs Pay Per Call Web to Phone Analysis

As a click to call back tool for websites, Lucep is deeply interested in introducing the web to phone concept to marketers and businesses who want to talk to their online customers. That's why we're looking at web to phone case studies and analysis that show the dramatic difference between PPC and pay per [...]

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CRO Click to Call For Enterprise Sales

One of the overarching goals of every sales organization is better conversion rate optimization (CRO) for every activity that marketing undertakes. Everything you do along these lines is broadly classified as sales enablement, including CRO tools and platforms. In this article, we’re going to talk about one particular CRO tool - a click to call [...]

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How to Increase Outbound Sales with Efficient Cold Calling

Nine years ago, it took 3.68 attempts on average to reach a prospect through cold calls. Today, it takes almost double that (8 calls). It just keeps getting harder, which raises a key question - "Is cold calling still effective?" At the moment, it is  still very much alive and an important sales technique [...]

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How Call Back Solutions Drive Higher Conversion Rates

Allow me to ask you two simple questions, as a way to kickstart this discussion about how call back solutions can drive higher conversion rates. First, do you have a marketing budget for attracting visitors to your website? Second, do you have a marketing budget to convert those visitors who are already on your website? [...]

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