//Live Chat is Dead – Reason #3

Live Chat is Dead – Reason #3

Live Chat is Dead – Reason #3

This is the third answer to our series on “Is Live Chat Dead?

Live Chat is Dead – Reason #3

Chat can’t deal with complex sales

Be it bots, or number of reps that are handling all your chats, one of the most common problems faced by any LiveChat service provider is handling leads who are not ready to buy – yet. HubSpot estimates that 96% of your traffic is not ready to buy.

live chat dead reason 3

Whatsoever be the case, you cannot underestimate anybody that has ever come and asked for your help through chat. If bots or humans responding to the user is unable to give them the answer they are looking for, then don’t be surprised if your “potential customer” turns into someone else’s customer and you were the one who helped them make this decision.

According to a study conducted by the Customer Contact Council, 60% of all chats end up in a phone call. If you really want the people who are interested in your product to find you and contact you and talk to you, then make it easier for them to do so. Adding chat as an intermediate step between you and your customers is not helping improve your lead generation and conversion rate.

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Live chat is dead because:

    1. If unautomated, instant replies are a huge burden.

    2. If automated, it’s just a heartless bot.

    3. Chat can’t deal with complex sales and leads who need a discussion with you before they buy.

    4. Live chats don’t belong to anybody.

    5. Chat technology is so non millennial.

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