//Is AI Essential for Account-Based Marketing?

Is AI Essential for Account-Based Marketing?

According to a Demandbase study on the use of artificial intelligence in account based marketing, only 10% of marketers are using it. This despite the fact that 80% of the respondents said they think AI will revolutionize marketing.

AI for ABM is an idea whose time has come, but the devil is in the details. Only 26% said they are confident about how AI should be used in marketing.

That “how” is explained clearly by Demandbase CMO Peter Isaacson, a firm believer of “The One to One Future” vision laid out by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers in their book.

Peter notes in a DemandGen Report interview that the need to scale and the volume game has actually left us very disconnected from our customers and the 1:1 connection that you’re aiming for while designing an ABM program.

The solution is the use of AI and the use of predictive analytics in account-based marketing, which is going to be a major focus of the upcoming “B2B Marketing ABM Conference: Account-Based Everything” in November in London.

In a single day, some of the biggest names in B2B sales and marketing, with unrivaled experience of account-based marketing (ABM) success, will show you how to get it right, through 3 break-out tracks and 5 keynotes.

One of these sessions is a presentation on “ABM and AI: How artificial intelligence can enhance your ABM strategy,” by Jessica Fewless, VP ABM Strategy, Demandbase.

Some of what will be discussed at this conference about the role of AI in ABM is already being implemented by companies such as Demandbase, which specializes in providing B2B account-based marketing solutions.

An integrated solution that aligns marketing and sales is something that Salesforce.com is trying to automate with its AI-based Einstein for ABM. It would be interesting to see how Salesforce itself is automating its own marketing and sales process using AI and ABM.

Demandbase has a very nice ebook on driving ABM success with Artificial Intelligence that you can download from their website. It lists all the things you need to consider in each of the three key areas of ABM, if you’re implementing it at scale.

– Finding the right accounts;

– Finding the right insight; and

– Finding the right actions.

AI for ABM, from Demandbase

In summary, stay ahead of the curve by adopting AI for ABM. If you’re not doing ABM yet, well…now would be a good time to start embedding predictive analytics into your ABM program.

Do your ABM the right way by implementing it to support 1:1 scaling. Here’s a few AI for ABM solutions that you can use to identify accounts, find the right insights, and decide on the actions that need to be taken:

1. Demandbase – All the resources you need to become an Account-Based Marketing expert.

2. Salesforce EinsteinSalesforce layer that enables you to embed and scale predictive workflows.

3. MarianaIQ.com – A one-to-one social engagement platform for ABM.

4. ZenIQ – Combines AI with deep integrations throughout the entire sales and marketing stack, including third-party data like intent surge and technographics.

5. Mintigo – Mintigo’s “marketing indicators” or MIs, combined with data in your marketing automation platform or CRM, are used in predictive models to find your CustomerDNA™ (CDNA) – the set of indicators of your highest value customers or leads that make them unique compared to the rest of your database.


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