Customer success stories


Cashify was founded in 2013 by Mandeep Manocha, Nakul Kumar, and Amit Sethi. Their success story doesn’t have to be explained. The numbers speak eloquently enough:

  • 50 lakh+ devices bought
  • 40 lakh+ devices sold
  • 10 million+ app downloads
  • 14 million+ customers


Cashify business model

Cashify not only buys and sells phones, but will also recycle and repair your smartphone. When a seller enters the details about the smartphone, they agree to sell for an approximate price to be verified after a home inspection by a Cashify team member.

The Cashify team member visits the seller’s home at a pre-scheduled time and date, inspects the phone, and the payment is made to the seller instantly. It unlocks the investment in an instrument that is no longer used, and converts it to cash instantly.

This ease in selling used smartphones right from the comfort of your home, at an agreed-upon price, has enabled Cashify to grow at a faster pace than other online used phone buyers.

Cashify now operates in over 15,000 serviceable locations, and has established more than 150 offline stores as well.

Cashify office and program contacts

Headquarters: Cashify 1st Floor, Plot No.35, Sector 44, Gurugram, Haryana 122003
Phone: +917290068900
Cashify offline store locations:

eCommerce abandoned shopping cart recovery

Cashify has implemented Lucep’s eCommerce abandoned cart recovery automation system that engages customers who have left items in their cart

To provide technical assistance to customers who are not sure about how to go ahead with a transaction after filling up their details, Cashify engages them with a sequence of messages across multiple channels. It is simple to set up and runs completely on autopilot, reaching out to customers via email, WhatsApp, SMS and through pre-programmed voice calls.

Products Used:

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