//5 Ways to Increase B2B Lead Generation

5 Ways to Increase B2B Lead Generation

If you’re in the B2B business, the amount of website traffic you get and the amount of reach you need are both far more limited than, say, Amazon.com or Apple’s iTunes and other such sites that deal directly with consumers. That said, your B2B lead generation methods also need to be different from the usual B2C website’s need for a lot more eyeballs.

The focus for B2B sites is more on lead generation and conversion. You need and get less site traffic, but the number of leads generated and converted has to be a lot higher than a B2C site.

If you’re not converting 5-10% (varied by industry) of your daily visitors, then you need to increase your B2B lead generation. Here are 5 ways to do this.

1. Focus on the right source: You can waste a lot of time and marketing budget on your entire website traffic, without making any dent in your conversion rate. Instead, identify and segment your audience. Set up conversion tracking pixels and remarketing using Google Adwords, Facebook, and Outbrain. Segment your audience into different groups, and target each one using different content, CTAs and marketing funnels.

2. Select the right social networks: You’ll get a lot of traffic from social media, but not sufficient leads. That’s a common problem for everyone, but it’s especially hard to generate B2B leads from social media. The only way to do is to focus on LinkedIn and Twitter. Use Facebook to boost your pages and posts, but the bulk of your leads will come from LinkedIn. Use Twitter to engage with influencers, and then generate leads from their networks.

3. Email marketing: In contrast to social networks, email marketing is especially suitable for B2B engagement. Businesses don’t consider your email as spam, and you’re more likely to get a response. But it has to be personalized. Read about how to generate predictable revenue through an outbound email marketing lead generation framework called cold calling 2.0.

4. Instant Response: If you have a 5% conversion rate, every sales lead generated that you lose is equivalent to losing 20 visitors. Instead of spending more on attracting more visitors, tweak your lead response process. Instant response to website queries will give you up to 47% more leads, and they will convert at a much higher rate.

5. Paid ads: The set up of conversion tracking pixels mentioned above doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start running paid ads. But it is by far the fastest way to increase B2B leads. Note that running paid campaigns on Adwords is a tricky and expensive affair if you haven’t done it before.

Lucep is now running its second major Adwords campaign, and we’re in the process of fine-tuning the keywords used in the campaign to increase lead generation and conversions. It includes both search ads and display (including retargeting), and the conversions from search ads are aimed at different customer profiles such as live chat users and people looking for callback solutions.

The Adwords campaign has allowed us to find the keywords and ad text that is producing conversions, and we’re now tweaking website content and social media focus to highlight the keywords that are working on the paid ads.

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